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  1. 1. Google Apps for Business to Improve Productivity Google apps for business are used widely by companies throughout the world. Many businesses dont realise that there are applications which can make a significant difference to how they operate on a daily basis, boosting production within the business whether they have in-house teams or if their teams work from home around the world. Having employees work from home offices is a growing trend, which saves companies valuable time and money. With staff working from all over the world, staying in contact, boosting collaboration and increasing production may appear a daunting experience. Google apps for business can help you stay in constant contact with your teams, provide them with easy access to documentation and ensure increased productivity at all times. The first Google apps for business you need to know about is Gmail. Gmail is an email programme which is used by millions of people on a global scale. The benefit to this particular email solution is that it can be customized, showcasing your companys name and URL. In addition to this, you can access your emails online at any time, so it doesnt matter if youre on your smart phone, your home computer or your office computer, you can respond to urgent messages quickly and effectively. The next Google app for business you need to use is Hangouts. Hangouts is Googles version of an instant messaging system and video system. It can help reduce call costs to staff members working from home and help you stay in contact at all times. In addition to this, you can also use this app on any device, so you are always in contact with staff and customers who use the app, enabling you to ensure that everyone is where they are meant to be and doing their duties to the highest standard. Drive is one of the leading Google apps for business and can make a significant different to your daily operations. This is a cloud storage solution which enables you to access documents from anywhere at any time. You can provide your team members with documents, all saved in the cloud at one location. This means that documents are not saved on numerous computers all over the country or world, but in one place and accessed by those with authorization to do so. Your team can complete their work, save it to Google Drive and email you the link, you can then access it immediately, reducing delays and ensuring the highest level of productivity at all times. From here you may want to discuss Backupify with your IT support company. This Google app for business provides you with an instant backup solution for your Gmail, Drive and Contacts. It reduces the risk of you losing valuable information in the event
  2. 2. of your computer breaking down or any computer disaster. So many companies lose thousands because they arent prepared. Backupify enables you to be prepared for anything with complete peace of mind that all the information you need is accessible when your network goes down or something goes wrong with your computer system or hardware. Uber Conference is a Google app for business which integrates with other Google Apps to provide you with an online conference facility that you can use at anytime from anywhere. You can dial numbers or hold a conference meeting with one or more of your team members, wherever they are at the time. This can improve collaboration between teams and also help teams work tougher to achieve success in the future. The final Google app for business which you will find useful in any office environment is Google Chrome. While there is discussions of this web browser being discontinued in the coming months, it is a useful tool which enables you to sync profiles. This enables team members to open tabs on their computer and then come into your office, sign in and access the same tabs. About Us: Smile IT is a leading IT support specialist based in Brisbane. This well- established company has been operating since 2007 with an experienced team of professionals with over seventy five years combined experience. The company offers tailored support to more than one thousand customers offering everything from computer repairs to cloud solutions and IT services to consulting, education support and more. Smile IT helps businesses succeed using cutting edge technology. They cater to customers on all types of systems from Microsoft to Apple, Google Cloud and so much more. Focused on offering superior service, the company has become a leading choice from Brisbane to Bundaberg and the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. To find out more, visit