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About GPS TechnologiesGPS Technologies offer Fleet tracking, asset tracking, truck trailer tracking and vehicle GPS tracking systems for all businesses with vehicle fleets. Get install GPS devices to be more secure, efficient and real time delivery to become more productive.

How Vehicle Tracking Systems Works?Time Trackis an automatic download (passive) GPS tracking system that provides historical records of vehicle start and stop times, moving time, mileage, speed, stop lengths, and addressesEverything you need to manage productivity and compare driver performance company wide.

How Vehicle Tracking Devices Works?TheTime TrackGPS tracking device and antenna both can be easily concealed for covert operation.The GPS Tracking Device uses state of the art Bluetooth wireless technology to quickly and automatically download GPS data when vehicles return to within 75 yards of the receiver at your home location.

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking SystemsIt gives information of real time track vehicle speed, stop time and location, idle time, detailed or summary analysis reports, routing and more with this GPS tracking system.Time TrackGPS Tracking Device provides you with the tools to manage your resources that are normally out of sight all day. You will gain better control and management of your mobile fleet, leading to increased productivity, increased sales or service stops, improved route efficiency, and shorter turn around times.


Advantages of Time Track DevicesManage vehicle useIncrease productivityReduce overtimeImprove turn around timesControl fuel costsImprove customer satisfactionProvide proof of billing hoursEliminate unauthorized vehicle useIncrease driver accountabilityLower insurance premiumsCovert Installation

Leasing or Financing of GPS SystemLeasing your Fleet Satellite GPS Tracking System is a great way to maximize your return on investment.Your business can implement vehicle tracking with as little as one payment down. Leasing your Satellite GPS Truck Tracking System allows you to conserve capital and keep bank lines of credit open.

Specifications Vehicle Tracking UnitWeight: 25.6 oz.Power: 11-30 VoltsSize: 6.375 x 6.375 x 1.52.4 GHz internal bluetooth transmitter & antennaIgnition source required12v input (2) for eventsGround activated inputs (3)Weight: 1.5 PoundPower: 12 voltsSize: 7 x 4 x 1

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

How Time Track Plug is Cost EffectiveTime Track Plug is an excellent covert, live unit that is quick and easy to self install. The unit is an excellent time tracking unit, offering 1 minute updates at only $23.95 per month with no annual contract or cancellation fee. There is no software to install. With Internet access, our web-based application will provide you with comprehensive reports, routing, speeds, and visibility of your vehicle on our mapping system.

Key Features Of Time TrackNo installation costsSelf installs in seconds/li>Move from one car to anotherCovert installationOne minute updatesGeo fencing and landmarksSpeed alerts via email or cellMaintenance alerts

Specifications of Time Track1 minute monthly & annual plans.Self installed: Just plug it in.Built-in GPS and cellular antennas.Weight: Under 2 oz.Power: +10 to +16 VDCSize: 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.

Update Plans For GPS DevicesMonthly Every 1 MinuteAnnualEvery 1 Minute$23.95/month$263.40/annually

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