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<ol><li> 1. Growth Hacking: A Product Perspective </li><li> 2. A little about me LIFE: 33 years young 1 wife 1 small daughter Official Star Wars Model Builder Past Skater STARTUPS: 6 founded 2 failed 1 acquired 1 still rocking 1 fundraising 10 programs mentor 4 advisor 1000+Pitches </li><li> 3. What Ive Learned Story telling is best (not necessarily why you think) Lowest common denominator People expect to be somewhat entertained </li><li> 4. This is a discussion Ask Ask Ask </li><li> 5. Most startups find themselves facing the Same Duh phase </li><li> 6. They build a product no one ends up using </li><li> 7. TechCrunch! Launch! Something happens </li><li> 8. Several K users (but most of them use once or twice) </li><li> 9. Nothing like this: </li><li> 10. Youre in the ok, now what? (Duh) Phase, my friend Lean iterations Novelty wares off Ok, Now what? TechCrunch Awesomeness Crash &amp; Burn Ripple effect Oh HELL yeah! </li><li> 11. It goes back to the early beginning of your startup. and again, we must ask ourselves what's wrong?!? What's thee problem? </li><li> 12. Enter, Growth Hacking </li><li> 13. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz WTF is it anyways?? </li><li> 14. Growth Hacking is using a set of methods, practices and some data science to deal with user growth What is our hook moment? How do I reduce churn? If Growth=more users and Hacking=loosely means new and clever ways to do something then: </li><li> 15. Viral growth A/B testing SEO Product Email marketing Onboarding UX Behavioral economicsPR Analytics </li><li> 16. Most companies measure and track 3 things TrafficTraffic Users Users Revenue Revenue </li><li> 17. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 People come in ? People pay </li><li> 18. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Get traffic ? Step 4 Step 5 Get users ? Profit </li><li> 19. Those metrics are were enough The magic is in between the steps </li><li> 20. The key is to fully map your user lifecycle of your product Funneling! </li><li> 21. The lean marketing framework: AARRR(ggg) ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE REFERRAL </li><li> 22. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral ACQUISITION = getting people to come to your site ACQUISITION </li><li> 23. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral ACTIVATION = getting people to sign up. Anything for a repeat visit ACQUISITION ACTIVATION </li><li> 24. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral RETENTION = getting users to become active ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION </li><li> 25. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral REVENUE = monetizing active users ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE </li><li> 26. PR A/B testing SEO Partnerships Email Events Blogs Analytics Viral ACQUISITION REFERRAL =getting active users to get their friends sign up ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE REFERRAL </li><li> 27. Each step of the framework is assigned a user state </li><li> 28. Growth Hacking is figuring out how to change or progress user state (in the funnel) Creates account Visits again later ??? </li><li> 29. 1800 Activation Retention Revenues 10% 30% 20% Acquisition 180 54 10.4 Conversions. Measure them in each step </li><li> 30. MIXpanelMIXpanel KISSmetricsKISSmetrics </li><li> 31. Dave McClures conversion metrics and values </li><li> 32. 1800 Activation Retention Revenues 1% 18% 0% Acquisition 18 3 0 When you start, your numbers are going to be shitty Focus here </li><li> 33. Dont focus on acquisition if your activation rate is 1% </li><li> 34. AQCUISTIONAQCUISTION: get trended on Product Hunt. Use your network </li><li> 35. ACTIVATIONACTIVATION: employs a virtual assistance to help you set up. And are funny. </li><li> 36. REFERALREFERAL: FB, Twitter, Li, etc. Are naturally an easy way to refer more friends / followers </li><li> 37. REFERALREFERAL: Quora forces you to sign up before you can read answers (and share) </li><li> 38. REFERALREFERAL: Incentivized! Dropbox, AppSumo and LivingSocial know very well how good incentives works </li><li> 39. RETENTIONRETENTION: Path has your friends do it for you </li><li> 40. RETENTIONRETENTION: Eventbrite sends you email if youve been inactive for some time </li><li> 41. ACTIVATIONACTIVATION: Dropbox send an email when a user signed-up but hasnt installed the software </li><li> 42. Now back to ProductNow back to Product </li><li> 43. ACQUISITION ACTIVATION RETENTION REVENUE REFERRAL </li><li> 44. Thanks for sticking outThanks for sticking out </li><li> 45. Thanks for sticking out J Thanks for sticking out J </li></ol>