Guerilla Campgains I Insurgent Basic (Ujafed)

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The basics of community building and campaign launching.


  • 1. Guerilla Web 1 Guerilla Campaigns I: Insurgent Basics Aharon Horwitz PresenTense Group Wiener Educational Seminars UJA Federation New York
  • 2. Axiom: The Web Has Power
    • Obama and McCain
    • Nefesh Bnefesh
    • Gold Challenge
    • JNF
    How does your organization extract value from the web?
  • 3. People Invest in Value
    • Community builds you
      • Pool: Weak ties
      • Hub: Strong but temporary
      • Network: Strong
    • Organizing Framework v. Organization
    • Digital tools provide for elegant organization
  • 4. Principles Principles for Finding Your Community
        • Build network by giving and gathering--emails, friends, lists
        • Be Transparent and Authentic
        • Ignore fences in building alliances
        • Broadcast your mission constantly: wherever possible use pictures and video
        • Build opportunities for involvement and leveraging networks
          • Viral Parties
        • Engage through competition
        • Market to your EMPLOYEES
  • 5. Obama Community Building Principles
    • Mission we can believe in/Quest we can be in
    • Access points for interaction in all sorts of YOU specific ways
    • All the angles: Pool, Hub, Network
    • Tools to the people: others propel message, content, and activism
    • Community organizing testing and evaluation
    • Funding and mission oriented programs are the same
  • 6. Obama Community Building Obama Case Study: Tools to the People
  • 7. Obama Email Analysis
  • 8. Obama Email Analysis
  • 9. Obama Email Analysis
  • 10. Social Networks
    • Social Network is a way of referring to people and the connections between them.
    • Looked at from outside, people form a network a densely interconnected graph.
  • 11. The Difference is the Speed
    • Social networks are nothing new what's new is how easy it is for a message to travel along them.
    • The speed of message transmission along the social network is dropping with each new technology Spoken language, Printing press, phone, email, cell phone, Instant message, SMS, etc.
    • The speed of invention of new technology is itself increasing - we can expect nearly frictionless communication.
    • This makes good ideas really contagious.
  • 12. Going Viral
    • The goal of any Internet advertising campaign or product is to Go Viral - to catch on in such a way that the number of people it reaches grows exponentially.
  • 13. Going Viral : The Core Ingredient
    • Provide Value
    • I will only put my name and network on the line if I believe the people I send your message to will value it.
    • Massive reach depends on value and trust .
  • 14. Going Viral : The Technical Aspects
    • Make it easy for someone to pass the message on.
    • Make it easy for the recipient to perceive the value of the message. Grease the wheels.
    • Provide every way possible for a person to
      • put it on their webpage,
      • integrate it into their existing networks
      • send it through email.
    • If users generate content, make sure the path from viewing content of others to creating content of their own is as easy as possible.
  • 15. Closing the Loop : An Exercise
    • A large Jewish organization focused on building leadership designed a web application that lets users create their own map of the Jewish world arranging mug shots of major players on a set of concentric circles, showing who they feel the important players are.
    • The way they set it up, a user goes to a website to 'play'. If they want to recommend it to a friend, they can send the friend a link to that website.
    • Why did they do this? How could they have done it better?
  • 16. Word of Mouth Automatic
    • Word of mouth has always been the most effective marketing channel.
    • Why? Trust.
    • Social networks show you what the people you trust are doing, what they support, and who they trust.
    • Word of mouth automatic and authentic.
  • 17. Word of Mouth Automatic: Example
    • PresenTense creates an open event on Facebook for their Thursday night panel discussion.
    • Ariel, Aharon, and Eliezer all invite a few hundred of their closest friends.
    • People who are attending RSVP in the positive.
    • Both people who were invited and people who were not explicitly invited are informed of the event if more than a couple of their friends RSVP that they are coming.