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Smart Embedded Systems (SES) (Silicon Valley Company for development services) Baldev Krishan Ph.D. President/CEO Smart Embedded Systems, Inc. 510-304-6830

We have a team of highly skilled and motivated engineers who thrive on challenges and believe in fullling our commitments on timeHart Modemhttp://smartembeddedsystems.com/

Smart Embedded Systems, Inc. provides services to businesses seeking additional development services (Software, device drivers & Firmware) for biometrics, industrial control, automobile, medical devices, communication/networking protocols, and consumer electronics. We are equipped to hand -le small-to-medium size (few weeks-to-few months) projects to meet our customer's critical business needs. Our mission is to work closely with customers, understand their requirements and then provide them the best solution possible, ensuring the highest of quality and personalized service.

Who We Are?http://smartembeddedsystems.com/

About Our ProductHART Device Module, reference design & complete Board support(BSP)package for integration into the systemLicensing of our core IPSoft ModemHART StackMultiple Modems

SES announces the availability of complete design for the HART device with a single patented microcontroller ; First such device which includes HART stack and modem implemented with TIs MSP 430.Benefits:Lowest power & lowest costComplete reference design & documentationEvaluation Board


About Producthttp://smartembeddedsystems.com/Complete hardware and software development of HART device with our soft modem or other hardware modem chip Porting and testing with either our HART or third party stack Device Descriptor for various sensors Customization Complete Testing of the device Interface with the FieldComm Group

Contact Ushttp://smartembeddedsystems.com/Address43134 Osgood Rd.Fremont, CA 94539Emailbaldev@smartembeddedsystems.comPhone510-304-6830Fax510-687-9300


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