[HATCH! OPEN] Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs and Values

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HATCH! OPEN #26 Aaron Everhart talks on the importance of Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs and Values and how to build ones.


  • 1. in association with VISION, MISSION, CORE BELIEFS & VALUES The Strategic and Vital Role to Startup and Simple Steps on How to Build the Right Ones

2. in association with [Video] 3. in association with THE WHY What's your purpose? What's your cause? What's your belief? Why do you exist? Why do you get out of bed? 4. in association with And why should anyone care? 5. in association with 6. in association with GUIDING PRINCIPLES Vision, Mission, Values = guiding principles Help create the corporate culture Culture influences behavior 7. in association with VISION The future of an organization - Realistic - Credible - Attractive - From the CEO to challenge the org. - VIS = VIEW of future in a particular TIME 8. in association with (endless) MISSION Reason for existing Duty, or calling. Why we exist. For the organization to follow. Mittere = to SEND out in to the world for a PURPOSE 9. in association with CORE BELIEFS AND VALUES Core thoughts to encourage and inspire - Customers - Employees - Stakeholders 10. in association with 11. in association with 12. in association with WRITE YOUR OWN VISION 13. in association with RATING AND KEY LEARNING ANALYSIS 14. in association with HOW TO BUILD A VISION? 15. in association with What should VISION be? Attract commitment. Energize people. Create meaning in workers lives. Bridge the present and the future. 16. in association with Developing a VISION Learn about your organization Involve at least key members into the visioning process Be open toward exploring new future 17. in association with VISIONING Process 1. Understand the organization 2. Conduct a vision audit 3. Target the vision 4. Set the vision context 18. in association with VISIONING Process 5. Develop future scenarios 6. Generate alternative visions 7. Choose the final version 19. in association with Developing a MISSION Encourage input from your colleagues and subordinates. Understand and appreciate the existing vision.