Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories & Components

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  • 1. Yamuna Densons pvt. Ltd. Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd. (YCAPL) an ISO 9001-2008 certified Company, specialising in Development, Manufacturing & Marketing of Power Cables Accessories www.yamunadensons.com

2. Yamuna Densons YCAPL is committed to supply World Class products, not only meeting the required standards & values but exceeding them comfortably. All our products are in conformance with various International standards, such as IS, BS, IEC, DIN, VDE etc. We are providing best class quality products, our products are tested and made by professional engineers. We are also use high technology tools for manufacturing the accessories. 3. Electrical Cable Accessories Heat Shrinkable Cable End Caps Heat Shrinkable Tripple Wall Tubing Heat Shrinkable Busbar Insulation Tubing Heat Shrinkable Insulating Wrap around Sleeve Copper Braided Strip(Tinned/Untinned) Heat Shrinkable Anti Tracking Breakout 4. Heat Shrinkable Anti-Tracking Rain Sheds Features: 1.Designed for medium voltage applications up to 36 KV 2.Shaped components to meet a variety of configuration requriements 3.Continuous operation temperature: -55 C to 120 C 4.High creep resistance, anti-tracking properties 5. Heat Shrinkable Cable End Caps Features: 1.Effectively offering protection against oxidation, ozone, UV radiation etc 2.Coated with hot melt adhesive to ensure environment seal 3.Easily to fit over the cable end 4.Protect power cable up to 1000V and telecommunication cable 5.Material: Thermally stabilized cross-linked polyolefin, coated with specially designed hot melt adhesive 6.Minimum fully shrink temperature:120 oC 6. Heat Shrinkable Tripple Wall Tubing Features: 1.Inner layer is made from Hi K material to stress control 2.The medium layer is made from insulation material to provide higher insulation. 3.External layer is made from semi-conductive materials to provide electric shielding 4.Suitable for applications in power cable joints up to 12 kV 5.Minimum fully recovered temperature :1300 C 7. Heat Shrinkable Busbar Insulation Tubing Features: 1.Made from specially formulated radiation cross- linked compounds. 2.Thus carefully produced product can provide high resistance to tracking and arcing. 3.Used to enhance the insulation properties of bus-bar in switchgear and substation. 4.The continuous length of supplied products makes it to be used more conveniently and economically. 5.Shrink Temperature: 110oC 8. Copper Braided Strip(Tinned/Untinned) Copper Braided Strip (Tinned/Untinned) 9. Heat Shrinkable Insulating Wrap around Sleeve Features: 1.Application : Insulating, Pressure & humidity-tight sheathings, Suitable for cable joints & terminations 2.Material : Cross linked polyolefin, free of lead & cadmium 3.High Tensile strength 4.UV-resistant 6Continuous operation temperature 55 degrees to 125 degrees centigrade 7.In conformance with ESI 09 - 13 10. Yamuna Densons Pvt Ltd Contact Us: Address:3/101 Kaushalaya Park,Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016 Tel. : (91) 11 - 43577777 Fax : (91) 11 - 43577778 E-mail : [email protected] Website: www.yamunadensons.com