Herding cats part 2

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In Joe’s first Herding Cats presentation he spoke about how to use Social Media to drive visitors to your event but also how to deliver the event back into the social environment, in next instalment he goes into more depth around social awareness and listening … read on. A recent study showed that awareness is the key objective for event managers using social media but 80% of these individuals are not using listening tools to measure their effectiveness. In this presentation Joe discusses how to use Social Media to drive awareness, some key metrics for measuring it and the learnings and advantages you can gain from Social Media listening through structuring a wealth of unstructured data. He will also high-light some of the new social platforms that have come to market and how best to take advantage of them.

Text of Herding cats part 2

  • 1. HERDING CATS PART IISocial Media Awareness & Listening for Events @brandsausage@brandjoe

2. 41%20% 3. MetricsInnovation & OptimisationContentRelationships Social CRMListeningSocial BusinessContentMetricsPaid Media 4. COMMUNICATION PARTICIPANTS PLATFORMSTOOLS CAPABILITIES DATA GATHERINGMANAGE & ENGAGE SOCIAL CRMLISTENINGTARGETING BUSINESS POLICIES EVENT CONTENTANALYSING 5. WHATS IN THE TIN? 6. WHATS IN THE TIN? 7. Attitudes Triggers Pain Points Hot TopicsInfluencersWho Demographics(and who to recruit)Where & WhenWhatCompetitionIs already workingShare of the conversation 8. LISTENING WORKFLOW StartMiddleKeywordsEndLookforTrendsorcommon conversa0onsFinding your community Building Personas Find influencers Discover Triggers Pain Points Successful contentLet these findings feed your next round 9. StartKeywordsMiddle Look for Trends or common conversationsFULL DISCLOSURE End Finding your community Building Personas Find influencers Discover Triggers Pain Points Successful contentLet these findings feed your next round 10. RADIAN6 11. UBERVU 12. VISUAL DNA 13. SOCIAL BAKERS 14. FREE(MIUM) 15. CONSTRUCTING SOCIAL DATA 16. CONTENT THAT RESONATES 17. IDENTIFY WHAT WORKS 18. OTHER TYPES OF LISTENING Event evaluationSentiment tracking/ breakdownsOn-gong alerts/ reputation management 19. 80%OF EVENT MARKETERS BELIEVETHAT AWARENESS IS THEIR TOP OBJECTIVE FOR SOCIAL 20. DEFINING AWARENESS 21. Impressions Reach Share of voice Awareness Community growth Views Trafc Engaged Audience Shares RTs Earned conversations Viral indicators 22. AWARENESS2014 FB is huge Twitter advance paid media Rise on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr More integration 23. THE PROFESSIONAL TRAP 24. CONTENT THAT DRIVES AWARENESS 25. 84% share because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about 26. SOCIAL MEDIA Forget this bit 27. SOCIAL ADVERTISINGFacebook Type Marketplace Ads Page Post Ads Promoted PostsTwitter Purpose Awareness Awareness EngagementLinkedInType Promoted Tweets Promoted Accounts Promoted Trends Lead generation cardsPurpose Awareness Following Engagement Data captureType Premium Display Advertising Sponsored InMail PPC advertisingPurpose Awareness Direct Awareness 28. TARGETINGFacebookTwitterLinkedInLocation Age Gender Interests Broad categories Connections Advanced Targeting by using a database of existing emails FBXUsernames Email addresses Interest Categories LocationsLocation Companies Job Title Schools Skills Groups Gender Age 29. FACEBOOK OBJECTIVESClicks to Website Get people to visit your website.Website ConversionsPage Post EngagementPage LikesApp InstallsPromote your Page posts.Get Page likes to grow your audience and build your brand.Get people to install your mobile or desktop appPromote specific conversions for your website. App EngagementOffer ClaimsEvent ResponsesGet people to use your desktop app.Create offers for people to redeem in your storeIncrease attendance at your event. 30. AWARENESSMetricsOWNEDInnovation & OptimisationContentEARNEDRelationships Social CRMListeningSocial BusinessEARNED ContentMetricsPaid MediaPAID32 31. TO SUMMARISELISTENING WILL AWARENESS SHOULD FOCUS ON 32. StartKeywordsMiddle Look for Trends or common conversationsDISCLAIMERNO CATS WERE HARMEDEnd Finding your community Building Personas Find influencers Discover Triggers Pain Points Successful contentbrandjoe Let these findings feed your next round