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How freezers work

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Freezers don't actually work by making things cold. They work by taking away the heat. They use a process of evaporation to draw out heat and leave the food in your freezer frozen. To complete this process, some very special components are used. For more detail visit at:

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  • 1. How Freezers

2. Steps followed by freezers work A freezer works by drawing the heat out of the freezer compartment. To start the process, the refrigerant-in gas form-goes into the compressor where the compression process causes it to get very hot. The temperature of the mist is around -27 degrees at this point, and it takes the heat from the freezer compartment with 3. How it 4. ModernFreezersFreezers To get an idea of how it works, picture a river as it winds through the mountains and countryside en route to the ocean.Refrigerator Refrigerant flows and transforms from liquid to gas and back in a similar way. 5. Some of the most commonly used refrigerants are HFCs.Other refrigerants, such as CFCs and HCFCs are highly regulated and banned from use in many products in the United States. The first freezer component it enters is the compressor (usually found in the lower back of the freezer). The compressor squeezes the vapor's particles, which heats it up and converts it into a high-pressure 6. The Basic Components of a Freezer The components of a freezer are as follows: A compressor A condenser An evaporator A capillary tube A 7. 1) Compressor The compression process makes this low pressure refrigerant a hot, high pressure gas.2) Condenser The fins conduct this heat away from the coils. The capillary tube regulates the pressure of the refrigerant as it enters the 8. 3) Evaporator A cold, low pressure gas is then produced when the liquid refrigerant expands, boils, and evaporates into the evaporator coils.4) Thermostat The thermostat tells the compressor when to be on by supplying electricity to the 9. Development of the Modern 10. How it 11. Important Points Of Freezers The refrigerant begins the cooling process as a vapor under low pressure. The compressor squeezes the vapor's particles, which heats it up and converts it into a high-pressure state. As the vapor travels through the condenser coils, it loses the heat but retains its high pressure. Vapor compression isn't the only way to create a super-cold food storage 12. Freezers temperature Bacteria are usually the cause of food decay, but they can't grow as well or at all in freezing temperatures, which are at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) or lower. Food spoils more slowly if you lower the liquid inside it - the water molecules -- to freezing 13. Types of Freezers There are two principal types of freezer : 1) Chest Freezers (sometimes called dive-in) 2) Upright Freezers (sometimes called reach-in) 14. Chest Freezers Chest freezer is that it is difficult to get to food stored at the bottom of the freezer. Always buy a chest freezer which has baskets that hang from the top. Most units are manual defrost High energy efficiency Lift-out drawers for easier organization. Range in size from 5.0 cu. ft. to 25.0 cu. ft. 15. Upright Freezers Upright freezers open like a refrigerator and include a variety of shelves and storage drawers. Units vary in size and offer a wide range of capacities. Take up less floor space for easier placement. Lighted interior enables you to see and organize food more easily. Range in size from 5.0 cu. ft. to 21.0 cu. ft. 16. Buying a New 17. Depending on what your budget and needs are, today's freezers have all kinds of technologically advanced bells and whistles. In which features you select, your new unit could cost anywhere from $500 to $4,000 or even 18. Featuresyoumightlookforwhen 1) Digital external temperature regulator: consideringyournextfreezerpurchase: It keeps you from having to reach into the back of a cold freezer to twist an icy knob that's frozen in place.2) Automatic ice-makers: Icemakers in the door that you access externally will make your freezer last longer because that's one fewer time you don't have to reach inside and risk wear to the rubber seal. 19. 3) Cold water filter: You get fresh, chilled water dispensed from the freezer door.4) Cooling zone compartment: Available in some freezer combos is a hidden tube routing super-cold freezer air to a space in the fridge designed for storing items that perish quickly, such as milk.5) Automatic defrost: We talked about earlier, this should prolong the life of your freezer so you won't have to go freezer shopping again anytime soon. 20. Get deals the highest quality freezers from the top to Bottom Freezer Refrigerators for more visit at

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