How to change your tire

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  • 1.The KATANA Group o Ani Saraho Masnanio Nurul Adzlineo Nurul Syahida

2. Find a flat, stable and safe place tochange your tire. 3. Apply the parking brake and put car into "Park" position. 4. Place aheavyobject(e.g., rock, concrete,spare wheel, etc.) in front ofthe front and back tires. 5. Take out the sparetire and the jack.Place the jack under the framenear the tire thatyou are going to change. Ensurethat the jack is incontact with the metal portion ofyour cars frame. 6. Raise the jack until itis supporting (butnot lifting) the car. 7. Remove thehub cap and loosen the nuts by turningcounterclockwise. 8. Pump or crank the jack to lift the tire off the ground. 9. Remove the nuts the rest of the way. 10. Remove the tire. Placethe flat tire under the vehicle so in theevent of a jack failure the vehicle willfall on the old wheel,hopefully preventinginjury. If the jack is placed on a flat,solid base, you shouldnt have any problems. 11. Place thespare tire on the hub. Take care to align the rimof the spare tire with the wheel bolts, then put on the lug nuts. 12. Tighten the nuts by hand until theyare all snug. They should turn easily at first. 13. Lower the car without applying fullweight on the tire. Tighten the nuts as much as possible. 14. Lower the car to the ground fullyand remove thejack. Finishtightening thenuts and replace the hubcap. 15. Put the old tire in yourtrunk and take it to amechanic. Get anestimate for the cost ofrepair. Small puncturescan usually be repairedfor less than $15. If the tireis not repairable, they candispose of it properly andsell you a replacement. Go!! 16. Thank You