How to have fun while failing

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We started Startup Weekend Berlin 2012 with high hopes for our idea "".However, Customer Validation showed: Its a dog! So what did we do? Find out in the presentation.We prepared this to show others how failing fast is a good thing, especially at a startup weekend. The jury and the audience agreed: We won the award for "Best Pitch" and got standing ovations from the crowd!


  • 1. TheOdyssey

2. From Make the Food Trucks come to you to a headache in 48 Hours(via P2P Location BasedPony Rentals) 3. Setting outfull of hope 4. The IdeaGourmet food trucks finding biggest demand byvote of users@lunchaldesco 5. The Idea 6. Prototype 7. Next stop:@lunchaldesco 8. Nope:Customer Validation!@lunchaldesco 9. Damn you, Steve Gunther Blank!@lunchaldesco 10. First learning: Its really hard to get out of thebuilding in Berlin when your customers are in the USA and UK@lunchaldesco 11. Lets blame Jonathan forthat!@lunchaldesco 12. But still: Cold calling foodtruckers worldwide@lunchaldesco 13. Definitely good times:@lunchaldesco 14. Definitely good times:@lunchaldesco 15. But: What did we learn?@lunchaldesco 16. The GoodI have a date for a freeSchnitzel in NYC@lunchaldesco 17. The Bad They dont really have aproblem with demand@lunchaldesco 18. The Bad They dont really have aproblem with demand (more with parking!)@lunchaldesco 19. The Ugly: Henriks cell phone bill 20. So we triedto pivot And again! 21. AgainAnd again! 22. And again And again! 23. And again And again! 24. And again And again! 25. UntilAnd again! 26. So we decided: If youhave a Dog 27. SHOOT IT!@lunchaldesco 28. Ideas were thinking aboutAirbnb for Kitchens Restaurant incubation in Berlinthrough food trucks (Lean Startup for Restaurants)Location Based P2P Pony Rental@lunchaldesco 29. If you want to invest in anyof these ideas, please talk to us.@lunchaldesco 30. Also, if you need to rent a pony right here, right now.@lunchaldesco 31. RIPAldes.co2012-2012In loving memoryMark Z.Bill G.Scarlett J.Barack O.