How to increase employee productivity?

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<ol><li> 1. How to Increase Employee Productivity: 4 Quick Ways </li><li> 2. #1. Make sure Internet works for you </li><li> 3. #2. Measure day-to-day activities accurately </li><li> 4. #3. Make every success appreciated </li><li> 5. #4. Use the right apps to save time and speed up performance </li><li> 6. A great option to check out is Yaware.TimeTracker a web-based app which measures time and productivity automatically </li><li> 7. Features of Yaware.TimeTracker </li><li> 8. Is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS </li><li> 9. Automatically tracks time and productivity, Internet and software use, overtime and flextime </li><li> 10. Takes great visuals - screenshots and webcam snapshots </li><li> 11. Tracks not only online but also offline activities (meetings, breaks, calls, etc.) </li><li> 12. Insightful, simple and automatically updated reports </li><li> 13. Notifications via email or mobile </li><li> 14. And dont forget to share the stats with your team to motivate them with their own success </li><li> 15. Now you know how to increase employee productivity at ease! Sign up to a FREE 14 day trial right now! And drop us a message at </li></ol>


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