How to Keep Your Home Warm 2016?

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  • There are many reasons to ensure that your home or indeed your place ofbusiness is energy efficient. Not only could you save significantly on yourgas or electricity charges but youll enjoy warmth in the winter when youneed it most. Conversely you will also find that in the summer yourpremises could be significantly cooler and more comfortable as a result.

    With this in mind, there are a number of steps you can take which could savemoney, help protect the environment anfad could ensure the comfort ofyourself, your family and your staff:

    How to Keep Your HomeWarm

  • InsulationOne of the fastest ways for a home or building tolose its heat is through the roof. In wintry weather,its easy to tell which houses have the mostinsulation as these are the ones with snow and frostleft on the roof after neighboring homes have losttheirs. Its a startling realisation that the snow on aroof may have melted because of the amount of heatcoming through said roof. When you consider thatthe family living inside the house are likely to beshivering and leaving the heating on for longer therealisation becomes even more stark. Investing inwall and loft insulation could prevent the muchneeded heat from escaping.

    Doors and windowsTiny cracks in doors and windows can also allow heat to escape as well asbringing in cold air from outside. Replacing these, or simply repairing thedamage could mean huge savings in the long run as well as eliminating thedrafts which can cause aches and pains.

    AppliancesAlthough there is no suggestion that heading out topurchase brand new appliances is a strongeconomical choice, making a good decision when aproduct does need replacing is an excellent way toensure efficiency. Heatstore have a selection ofenvironmentally sound products which not onlywork perfectly but could also ensure that your billsare lowered as you use them.

  • LightingAlthough many of the older less energy efficient bulbs are now no longeravailable in the UK, you still have a choice over which bulb to choose.Making the right choice could not only save you money on having to buyagain, because these are bulbs designed to last, but could save you money onyour bills as they give the same amount of lighting whilst being energyefficient.

    HeatingTaking steps such as cutting down on your use ofheating, only heating the rooms you plan onusing and closing doors to preserve the heatgenerated are all excellent steps alone but whentheyre coupled with the use of energy efficientheaters and radiators, you can be assured thatyouve made an energy-efficient and financiallysound decision.

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