How to make money from home easy with dating affiliate programs

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<ul><li> 1. Get Your Free Cash By Promoting Successful Dating Sites With Your Own DomainDaily IncomeDating Affiliate Est Earnings 1000 pwDating Site Affiliate Tips</li></ul> <p> 2. How to Make Money From Home Easy With Dating Affiliate Programs By far the easiest way to make money from home has consistently been affiliate programs. But not until I started promoting various dating affiliate programs did I start to make the kind of money I was striving for. It only stands to reason; online dating is a service that will never go out if style, as the primary "product", if you will, is the basic human sex drive. There are hundreds of affiliate programs that cater to this market, and all one must do is search Google for the top 10 or so and just sign up for a few. What then becomes apparent is that the competition can be prohibitive. Unless you have a strategy that is proven to drive traffic to your website, you might as well give it up. No traffic equals no sales. In addition, you will need to create what many in the industry call a "review site". As the name implies, you would just give a subjective review of whichever personals service you are promoting and hope the reader believes you enough to actually join. In theory that sounds easy, but as with most things in life, reality comes into play. You have to give your visitors something much more than a review nowadays if you want to make that easy money. Especially in the cut throat online dating industry. The secret is to tell them how, exactly, they can best use the service to attract a woman online. If you can deliver step by step strategies on how to best use a dating service, and do it in a believable manner, then you will never have any problem making easy money from home. In my research, the number one reason a man will not join an online personals service is because they are not confident they will succeed. Give them that confidence and watch your sales go through the roof! It all boils down to delivering quality and useful information that your readers will realistically be able to use that day. Do this consistently, and generating income from your home will never be a problem. Sign up today and become a successful affiliate, earn up to 1000 per week income. 3. Dating Affiliate Programs - Make Money Fast With Online Dating The online dating market generates hundreds of millions of dollars a year just in the United States alone. This figure is not surprising considering that over 30% of people on the web are single and looking. This is good news for webmasters because dating affiliate programs can be your ticket to huge monthly paychecks. You may be thinking that online dating is an over saturated market and there is no more money to be made in it but you're wrong. There are hundreds of lifestyle and dating websites on the net that cater to different niches of people. These lifestyle dating sites match people by race, sexual orientation, or religion. Millions of people join these sites daily, and one of their biggest means of driving traffic to their network is by recruiting Webmasters to join their affiliate program to promote their site which pays you when you help send them a paying member. Hundreds of millions of dollars is a big pie, but imagine if you got a slice of that pie. No matter how small a piece of that pie you still would be making a nice monthly income for yourself. For example, subscribing to a dating site is worth around $10 per month, and your promotion efforts leads to 100 members to subscribe. Now you have just earned yourself a steady $1000 per month. How cool is that? Now before you go and sign up for any dating sites affiliate program you need to make sure that the site you are promoting will convert your hard-earned traffic into profits. Not all dating sites will make you money. There are going to be some affiliate programs promising you 75% to 100% of their premium membership of initial and re-orders. When I first started out in the online dating industry I was wowed by the fact I could earn up to 100% of initial subscriptions and monthly residuals. I signed up for as many programs as I could and I immediately started placing banner ads and text links all over my site. But ultimately my conversion rates where poor. There are a lot of sites out there that lie about the number of profiles in their database, and when Webmasters drive traffic to these sites their conversion rates come out poorly. So if you're a serious entrepreneur trying to make a great living, you should take your time and search for the big name dating sites with real profiles in their database, and promote their program. 4. Online Dating Websites - How to Earn Cash Using Affiliate Links and Banners Internet dating is one of the web's biggest success stories. Few other businesses have succeeded to the levels and scale that online dating has done in the last ten years and the trend is set to continue for some time yet. You too can benefit from this love boom with some freely available and easy to install links which you can add to your own website or blog. This short guide describes the various ways in which you can become a dating site affiliate. If you visit any of the more well known dating sites and look at the links at the foot of the home page you'll probably see a link that says 'Affiliates' or 'Partners'. Click on this and you'll be lead to a page that describes the company's affiliate program. These are free to join and will either be run by the company themselves or run by an Affiliate Network like Commission Junction or Affiliate Window. If so then you'll need to register to use that network and then apply to be an affiliate of your chosen dating site company. This may all sound a bit tedious but the advantage of it is that there may be other dating sites in the network that you could join so registering with one affiliate network could open other doors for you. If the site doesn't have an affiliate network looking after its program then you'll be able to register to be an affiliate there and then on the company's own pages. After filling out the registration form and confirming your email address you will have become an affiliate and you'll be able to log in to your account to view the banners and text links available for use. Spend some time becoming familiar with your account and what all the various links reveal. You'll soon get used to the tools and they will be similar to other accounts even if the page layout is different. Once you've signed up, opened your account and familiarized yourself with the text links and banners available then you're ready to start making use of these in the following ways: email signatures, forum signatures, websites, and blogs. If you're new to this ten start by adding text links and banners. You should be able to just copy and paste the relevant HTML code so no technical knowledge will be required. For example, if you have a Wordpress blog you can copy and paste this code to a text box in your Widgets section under the Appearance menu. Some of the affiliate tools are quite sophisticated and include geo targeting mechanisms that display appropriate content according to the geographic location of the visitor to your site. If you do have a little technical ability it can be fun experimenting with these and by adding things like Flash videos which show a short piece of film. However, it all depends on the context and the audience to which you intend to display these advertisements. Use enough affiliate material to make it interesting but don't spoil your site design with too much garish and animated advertising. Sign up today and become a successful affiliate, earn up to 1000 per week income. 5. You can do what you like with websites and blogs but a word of caution about forum signatures; some moderators frown upon excessive use of signatures in forums so stick to small, discrete text links and save the banners for your own sites. Similarly, email signatures should contain enough to contain the message but not so much they irritate recipients who might see it in every email you send. Text links and small banners are probably best there. In the weeks and months to come your work will bear fruit and people will click on your carefully placed links and banners and register as new members of the dating site you've advertised. These leads could be enough to earn you some commission but you'll almost certainly receive a credit if they upgrade their memberships. Over time these commissions will mount up and you'll receive your first affiliate commission payment in the form of a cheque or direct transfer into your PayPal account. It can be a very pleasant surprise to receive this payment as you may not be expecting if you haven't been checking your statistics on a regular basis. Websites are not the only place in which you can advertise sites. To a greater or lesser degree everyone has a network of friends, family, a business or work colleagues. We communicate with these people in all sorts of ways every day of the week. Many of the people in our networks may already be using an online dating site while others may be thinking about it but have not yet plucked up the courage to give it a try. You could be the catalyst that helps these hesitant people to take the plunge by endorsing a dating site using your links or even by writing a review containing links on your blog. It can be fun to play Cupid and firing off these arrows of desire into the hearts of single people in your network, and, with some discrete advertising, it can be financially rewarding. 6. Tips on Making Money With a Dating Affiliate Program If you are interested in earning commissions by being an affiliate, then you might consider the option of joining up with a dating affiliate program. Dating sites have become very popular these days, and as such there is great potential for you to make plenty of money by acting as an affiliate for one. As such, here are some tips to help you get going. One tip to consider is the idea of finding a program that you can join up to for free. Most programs will be free to join, but there are those that charge a fee and so the sorts of programs should be avoided. You should also aim to find a program that offers lifetime commissions and not just one-off commissions. By choosing a site that simply offers a one-off payment for every referral, you will be losing out on potential money. As such, you should try to find a program that not only pays for the initial purchase, but also plays a smaller commission for referrals after this. This is a great way of building up residual income. Another tip is to look through sites that you are involved with for people who are wanting to find different dating sites to join. Many people will join multiple dating sites, and as such you might find many people who are looking for different options. It is also important for you to spend time marketing yourself in order to maximise your earning potential. This can be done by going on forums and getting involved in discussions where you can add links to dating sites that you are affiliated with. Visiting blogs is also another method of finding a new people to refer onto your dating sites. If you build conversations and relationships with people through blogs then you will be able to refer them on to your affiliated dating websites.Sign up today and become a successful affiliate, earn up to 1000 per week income.</p>


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