How to Make Your Website Sell More

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  • 1. How to Make Your Website Sell More Can you tell what Im doing wrong? I was at a conference recently and literally heard this question at least a dozen times. Its really refreshing when people want the truth about their websites effectiveness most businesses today realize how critical a solid website is for branding and sales. And I wasnt the only one hearing this question over and over many members of our ClearEdge team have heard the question repeatedly. So to help these businesses, we decided to offer complimentary website audits this month. You take the good, you take the bad I think some businesses were surprised that there was a lot of good news to report! Our team did find, though, that many websites missed key opportunities to convey their message, relate to clients and ultimately get them to take action. Technology and design gaps also held back sites from getting as much interaction, attention and engagement as possible. To help you assess your own website, here are three key missed opportunities we saw on many websites: 1. Your website should sell! Visually compelling case studies and testimonials can be terrific sales pieces on a website. Your blog is also a great website sales tool consider sharing Q&As with clients about their experiences. Or prepare and share video case studies that talk about the value and quantitative results you generate. No one visits a website wanting to be sold something; however, no one wants to miss out on learning opportunities, either. Give your website visitors more opportunities to relate to similar people (and businesses), while understanding the value that youve already delivered. 2. Your website should have actionable design elements. Scrolling banners seem to be a website trend lately; however, there are some flaws in this element. The information theyre sharing usually doesnt include a learn more link and/or the banner itself or headline isnt clickable to another page for more information. If youre using this valuable real estate on your site to grab attention, lead them to another place that captivates their attention even more and compels them to act. 3. Your website should include multiple, relevant ways to engage and contact you. Every company wants more inbound leads from their website; however, most websites lack forms or other contact methods throughout. So, I guess this point is a bit loaded. First, youll need to provide some free content and resources to
  • 2. build trust with website visitors before guarding information with a form. Then, you canget creative and engage in other ways. Do you display recent tweets on your website with a link to follow you on Twitter? This is a great way to encourage more engagement with your content. A contact us if you cant find what youre looking for type of message on your website can also encourage visitors to contact you with feedback or questions. If youre an SaaS company, dont forget the important schedule a demo option as well. Forms are great, but your audience needs to be compelled to share their info. Your website absolutely can generate more leads for your sales team and be a better marketing tool for your business. Follow these three steps and youll be well on your way! And if you need help getting your website into shape, take our free website audit or call us for help our team has worked on award-winning websites for a range of clients, and we can help you build a more engaging website that sells.