How to maximise your elearning investment 2.0

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  2. 2. Continuous employee development is important to your organisation if you want to maximise your workforce capacity and improve productivity. YOU KNOW
  3. 3. AND
  4. 4. Your organisation has turned to eLearning as a viable complement to its learning strategy.
  5. 5. Are you getting the most from it?
  6. 6. Train hundreds of people using consistent and standardized content. Implement your training with 100% attendance and no time lost to travel. Reduce your per- head training cost Organisations choose eLearning for various reasons
  7. 7. Poor Content Poor system But there could be several roadblocks to maximisation Little learner motivation Management buy in Communication breakdown IT issues
  8. 8. So how do you get the most from your eLearning intervention?
  9. 9. We have a framework for you
  10. 10. 1. Assess Culture 2. Set Goals 3. Plan Execution 4. Monitor & Evaluate 5. Run Analytics eLearning Maximisation Framework
  11. 11. Make sure the highest level of management supports your cause Make sure the company has a culture of continuous employee improvement Management support Learning culture 1. Assess Culture
  12. 12. 3. Define basis for measurement Make sure you put your expectations to paper and make them as clear as possible e.g. Achieve 60percent course completion Make sure your plan aligns perfectly with the business needs of the present and the anticipated business needs Make sure you define what success will look like when you achieve it. 1. 2 Define expectations Define connection with business 2. Set Goals
  13. 13. Develop monitoring team Set scope, budget and timeline Define and monitor risk Plan Execution Know what your eLearning strategy covers and does not cover and stick with it, consider your budget and timing when executing. Identify as much risk as possible and put in measures to mitigate against them. Do not leave your eLearning program to be on auto pilot monitor every stage of its execution.
  14. 14. Course EvaluationReaction Pre And Mastery AssessmentsKnowledge Follow Up EvaluationBehavior Performance SurveysResults Monitor & Evaluate
  15. 15. 31 2 Run Analytics Review all data Gain insight Re strategise and implement No data is too insignificant to be collected or reviewed collect as much as possible Analyse the data to gain insights into them and this will enable you identify problem areas Implement the result from your insight to further improve upon your current strategy
  16. 16. Success story- Brother University by Brother Industries Europe The monitoring team will work along side the project team to ensure that every stage of the project is successful EXECUTION Management facilities - course management, reporting and user management MONITORING & EVALUATION In built analytics to generate reports to Human Resources ANALYTICS Management approved budget to create a platform where employees can learn at their own pace To create an online training platform which could grow across the company on a global scale CULTURE GOALS
  17. 17. Success story- Brother University by Brother Industries Europe 1,000 active global users pass rate across 152 courses of re-registration users have made repeat visits to the site 70% 63% 63%
  18. 18. Click on the checklist to access a checklist for your eLearning programe
  19. 19. How do you intend to gain more from your eLearning intervention? For free tools on eLearning, visit


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