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A free guide on how to use Linkedin - available for download. Covers Linkedin Companies and Linkedin Personal profiles - groups, events, discussions and more. The guide is aimed at beginners or those who require a helping hand in getting started with a few helpful tips. Enjoy :)

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  • 1.2011 v1.0 A Getting Started Guide by - all rights reserved46 University Street, Belfast. BT7 1HB I I

2. LINKEDIN : COMPANIES & PROFILESGaining Connections!3Linkedin Etiquette! 4Networking & Communication! 4Groups! 4Q&A!4Events! 5Search! 5Personalise!5Going Premium!5PRIVACY!5Automating Your Updates ! 6Recommendations/Testimonials! 6Useful Applications!6AN INTRODUCTION TO LINKEDIN COMPANIES!7How To Administer Your Linkedin Company!7Using Linkedin Companies! 8Instructions for Employees to Connect!8Removing & Merging Incorrect Companies! 8Resources ! 9! I! spiderhousepr 2011 All rights reserved. 2 3. GAINING CONNECTIONSThe simplest way is to import your address book or using the search bar and searching byname. Once you have a few connections you will usually nd some more via mutualconnections.Click on the prole of a connection and scroll the right side you will see:Click on See all Connections - there is a very good chance you will have connections incommon. (note: some users hide this section in their privacy settings)You can also seek connections through industry or location-specic groups.When adding a connection you will generally need to add some form of verication thatyou actually know the person...! I! spiderhousepr 2011 All rights reserved. 3 4. This is where groups can often come in handy for prospecting someone...(see below)Also promote your prole on your blog or contact page (click here)LINKEDIN ETIQUETTEIts really down to personal choice how you use Linkedin, but in general the etiquette ismore business-like and respectful than other networks. If you choose to connect withpeople you do not know, we recommend you have a valid reason for doing so....andinclude a short message with the connection request NETWORKING & COMMUNICATIONIf you wish to get hands on with Linkedin there are many industry and sector relatedgroups to join, questions to answer and events to attend!GROUPSBy joining groups you get to engage with people within your sector along with potentialinvestors or employers.If you create a group be sure to add keywords in the group name - this increases thechanges of people nding you! Some groups even allow you to share your discussions onTwitter, giving you even more exposure.One very powerful feature of groups is that it allows you to make direct contact withother group members. This is very important when prospecting as you will nd it difcult tomake direct contact by other means (unless they are in your contacts network or you payfor a premium account).Q&AAnswering questions will project you as a leader in your eld and asking them opens youup for engagement and conversation. It also increases activity on your stream andtherefore it gives the option for people to follow you.When answering questions try to personalize the answer to the persons business. Thisincreases the likelyhood they will pay attention to you and maybe forge a businessrelationship. Ask for them to contact you personally if they have further questions.! I! spiderhousepr 2011 All rights reserved. 4 5. EVENTSLike other social networks, when users RSVP your event it shows in their news stream.Events are easy to create in Linkedin - nd the link under more on the menu bar.SEARCHUtilize Linkedin advanced search feature and really drill down into the people you aretrying to nd - personal as much as possible - people are more likely to remember personal contactsthan being contacted in a cold manner. Do you have anything in common with them thatcould forge a stronger connection?GOING PREMIUMMany companies will benet from Linkedin premium service, especially B2Bs. If you areseriously looking for someone currently outside your reach a modest monthly paymentallows you to contact them direct along with a host of other features including; advancedsearch, the ability to unlock your prole (people outside of your connections will be able tocontact you) and expanded prole views of everyone.PRIVACYWe wont touch on this too much as it is a massive subject and one which is welldocumented within Linkedin help, however one thing you should be aware of that is notvery obvious...The follow feature - this essentially allows anyone to follow you without you knowing. Itcould be a competitor, an employer or someone you prefer not to see your updates.There is not many ways around this unless you want to use Linkedin in a rather unsocialway...which pretty much defeats the purpose! So play nice and deem everything you sayas being public!! I! spiderhousepr 2011 All rights reserved. 5 6. AUTOMATING YOUR UPDATESKeeping your prole up to date is important - it keeps you current and visible in the newsstream of your connections. If you are Twitter user one of the easiest ways of doing this isto link your Twitter prole to your Linkedin prole and give it permission to automaticallyupdate your status.This is a great method of keeping contacts up to date on what is going on, however westrongly recommend you also participate in non-automated conversation! RECOMMENDATIONS/TESTIMONIALSOnce you have built up your connections why not ask some previous clients or employersfor recommendations? A few recommendations helps improve your prole to potentialclients and employers. How many recommendations you get will depend a lot on yourbackground (or the nature of your business!).USEFUL APPLICATIONSSimilar to many other platforms, Linkedin utilises applications to enhance user experience.You can browse apps and access them via the More drop-down menu on the menubar(click here: few recommendations:Slidehare presentations - display presentations within your proleReading List By Amazon - great to convey your personality or business interestsTweets - display your tweets & have the ability to retweet others from within LinkedinEvents - helps you promote & share eventsPhone ApplicationsI use an iphone and the ofcial Linkedin App is great - it even supports bumping whichmeans you can bump phones together at a (real world) networking event for an instantLinkedin connection! How fab? (requires wireless)! I! spiderhousepr 2011 All rights reserved.6 7. AN INTRODUCTION TO LINKEDIN COMPANIESTHIS SECTION IS AIMED AT BUSINESS OWNERS WHO WANT/HAVE ACOMPANY PROFILE ON LINKEDINLinkedin company pages are still in early days development however they have provedpopular and are growing quickly with recently upgraded features.If you are a publicly listed company, the chances are Linkedin will have already found youand added some of your details to their database.HOW TO ADMINISTER YOUR LINKEDIN COMPANYLogin to Linkedin as normal and nd your company. You should be in overview mode. Tothe right of the page you will see buttons to edit your company:Here you can decide who has permission to modify your company details:From the edit area you can perform simple admin tasks such as changing yourdescription to more involved actions like adding products/services and tailoring yourcompany view depending on who is looking at it.Be sure to add your Twitter ID and Blog RSS Feed & select show news about mycompany/! I! spiderhousepr 2011 All rights reserved. 7 8. Another handy tool is Careers where you can advertise job vacancies.Some tools will be more useful than others, depending on your company...NB you will need to have an ofcial company email address to edit your company USING LINKEDIN COMPANIESAlthough your Linkedin company will automatically update, it needs a helping hand. Askcurrent and past employees to make the connection to your company....*** We recommend having only one company on Linkedin - do not have a separatecompany for each location.INSTRUCTIONS FOR EMPLOYEES TO CONNECT1. Edit your prole : Click on Add A Current Position3. Search for the company and add their position*** If the employee is already connected to an incorrect company they can click the editlink beside the company name. From this page they can change company and nd thecorrect one by clicking on change company:REMOVING & MERGING INCORRECT COMPANIESYou may nd you, Linkedin or an employee have setup a company for you which you donot want (eg in a different geographical location or with a different spelling). This is notuncommon, however only Linkedin can rectify things by merging the companies.You will need to contact Linkedin via the helpdesk. you have the urls of the companies you want merged and make it clear what! I! spiderhousepr 2011 All rights reserved. 8 9. company you want to remain as the primary company. You must have an ofcial companyemail address.Although not very efcient, our experience so far is that Linkedin are very helpful in doingthe merge. RESOURCESWe hope you found this short introduction useful and encourage you to make the most ofLinkedin companies for your business!This is only the tip of the iceberg...for more assistance please visit the ofcial Linkedinhelp :***social networks change and update regularly - if you nd any out-of-date information in this document we would appreciate it if you let us know - thanks! *** spiderhousepr are a UK based digital marketing companyFACEBOOK: LINKEDIN: we would love you to connect with us on the above networksyou can also connect with me directly:http: