How to use LinkedIn to create real business opportunities

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  1. 1. How to use Linkedln to create real business opportunities
  2. 2. liililalj Ii:l; ..l'l_| l,Kl; =l. llI7:Linkedln startedout in the living room Tof co-founderReid Hoffman in 2002 and officially launched Von May 5 2003.tillii-silt:lni: s:, oiwii-ir $)i"_'. lili(eIllItv
  3. 3. it-lliu-: =.I" ils l. ..i-l_"l. i.(i'_i'. ,lllk. .,_ . l"llSSlOi1: To connect the world's professionals to. make them more productive andlsuccessful.,l lllliltlli:lIl: .:. ,oiellIi'
  4. 9. Stick to the desktopBEE
  5. 10. I '7 Hi Luan,we're sad to see you go.' What is your primary reason for deciding to cancel your Premium account?J I upgraded for a one-time use/ project only I didn't use the Premium account features Price is too high The features didn't work as expected I needed Premium for my job search - I found a job;Other"in Ft:
  6. 11. I.Be dressed for the occasion
  7. 12. 1. Be dressed for the occasion "pa , -- V~ '. >:v-;.-""; ""'t 7"" . - .2. -.. 'A; .,u. -1.": #153121:ti: .5s. -t
  8. 13. W:Ir-. Lx: iVi iii iii:ur: r:; l-I'tiI oi-4i iii isAlex JenkinsLooking for a new opportunity United Kingdom Executive OfficeRuth DixonNo longer employed in the credit industry from 1.4.13 but still very interested Southend on Sea,United Kingdom Law Practice. -Jitli.". *.iL
  9. 14. Luanwise Marketing Strategistl Direct & Digital I B2B I Content Marketing I Social MedialLead Generation I Data & Insightham.Gloucestershire,United Kingdom Marketing and Advertising Luanvise,'.7' . - =.' - . ... ONEPOST,Factora,Earl & Thompson Marketing Limited Cambridge Marketing College ID uk Iinxedin corr/ Wiuarvwisol Q Contact InfoLuan Wise 15* -i iB2B Marketing Strategist.Helping businesses use social media for lead generation.

15. 1. Be dressed for the occasion 6Thik | (YWOIdS (get found)0 Summary 0 Experience 0 SkillsLeo %l_Nuaii 16. hi. You rank in the top 4% for prole views among your connections. #34 out of 986 Your rank has held steady in the last 7 daysYou rank in the top 5% for profile views among professionals like you. #5 out of 99 A 3% in the last 30 days 17. TL l ii l~l: l : .l jgli l~ ii lza I'll iii I ,. tn V ' .. i V 5 ~ v__ i K 5 at. -*- Prole Privacy Controls settingsTurn onloll your news mention broadcasts Manage your Twitter settings +- commumcanons Tum onloft your activity broadcasts Manage your Wechal settings_ _ Select who can see your activity teed Helpful Links41. Groups.Companies 8. 18 Applicaons Select what others see when youve viewed their prole Edit your name.location at industry ~Turn on/ oll How You Flank Edit your profile - Kt/1 A0000? Select who can see your connections Edit your public prole Choose who can follow your updates Manage your recommendations -Change your prole photo at visibility Showlhlde "Wewers of this prole also viewed box Manage who youre blocking . Manage who can discover you by your phone number -- 18. :'ioill'Iit', i' f-la-r. .io_toi: .l. ~ltaBy selecting this option,your activity updates will be shared in your activity feed.Let people know when you change your profile.make recommendations.or follow companies Note:You may want to tum this option off if you're looking for a job and don't want your present employer to see that you're updating your profile. -mil: -~: a'= i-: g;: :: orcancel JWiloi ~l= _li ~:1=l= - '1-l| _li -tolulnl= lolltolul~'*Select who can see your list of connections.Note:people will still be able to see connections who endorse you and connections they share with you.(Don't want your endorsements visible?Just choose to opt out. )J Your connections |Only youi ctsiia: ->: a": ii: s:: :< orCancel I 19. 2. Have a connection strategy 20. SINCE YOU iireii rersoiiI TRUST,I WANTED TO INVITE YOU TO JOIN MY NETWORK ON LINKEDIN ., 4,,.i >7. i " ""ir5l1;1'_'| H; 21. 2. Have a connection strategy 0/0mldo you want to connect with,andshould people want to connect with you? L96 huaii 22. Email myheIlo@luanwise. co. uk I Phore 0845519B288(work) IM luanwise (Skype) I Andres:/ D Twine!luanwlse IValue_E: nchange O WaCt-at /Q Websites Luan Wise 4Va| ueExchange w. b.n. ,Presentations on Slideshare . Luan Wise http: /Mww. luatM htfpsJlult. linkedm. comlxnlluanwiso : valueexchange mm-J yak 3 l Presentations on Sli httpj/ www. slid 23. BackgroundE5 SummaryWith 15 years marketing experience working across almost all media.and on both client and agency sides ol the business,I know how to create and deliver successful B28 marketing strategies - traditional and/ or digital. I have worked tor clients of all sizes,lrorn household names such as Hilton,University ol Cambridge and Royal Mail to the kinds ol companies that are big in their lield but unknown to the wider world. I am a member ol the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Chartered Management Institute (CM| )I In 20t2 I was awarded Chartered Marketer status (by the Chartered Institute ot Marketing) and have maintained this on an annual basis via their CPD programme. I am often asked to speak at industry events on behall ol the Chartered Institute of Marketing.I also speak as an independent marketing practitioner.Engagements include Growing Gloucestershire,Glouoestershire Business Show.Swindon Business Show,Meet in Cambridge.On the Edge and Comms Hero. I also carry out in-house workshops and training.Give me a whiteboard and some coloured pens and I'm a very happy person. A sample of my presentations are below. I have judged the Direct Marketing Association Awards each year since 2011: in 2013 I also iudged the Loyalty Awards.Customer Experience Awards and North Somerset Business Awards.I love the detailed debate over entries that takes place as part ot the judging process. Strengthsnder .It youre seeking an enthusiastic.strategic B28 marketer to help your business generate more leads,please get in touch. Telephone:0845 S19 5288 Email:sayhello@luanwise. co. uk 24. 3 Invite John to connect on LinkedlnHow do you know John? ColleagueClassmateWe've done business together FriendOtherI dont knowInclude a personal note:(optional) I'd like to add you to my professional network on Linkedln. - Luan WiseImportant;Only invite people you know well and who know you,Find out why. Send Invitation or Cancel 25. Q"if| l Igl ils " ll ll rC >l'; '"Z "ih~iiiti~'i- xvi: rill. ('lll| i'r1'ii| l'll l~_"| |l". IAkl? L'~, ii' IaIL x l . i_1ll WW ill 1- lDave Scott Yesterday Divisional Resourcing Consultant - Group Product and Marketing at Nationwide Building Society4 shared connections: ."; ".. '. IgnoreReply (dont accept yet)High Quality Lead Generation,UK Financial Leads 1 shared connectionIgnore1 ; 't. .;. . . - . .Jul-S * 26. K Reply I Trash More ' < Prev Next >RE:Join my network on LinkedlnHi David Thank you for the invitation to connect.I don't think we have met in person (please forgive me if we havel). I am open to connecting with people I have not yet met and who are willing to begin building a relationship.but I would like to know what it is about my prole that motivated you to invite me to your network. I believe in having a network not built on numbers,but on the ability to refer other connections,which requires some sort of conversation in order to maintain credibility (on both our parts). Could you please share with me a little bit about why you would like to connect.and how we might both benefit from the mutual connection? Many thanks.LuanOn 09/30/14 10:25 PM,:} wrote: I'd like to add you to my professional network on Unkedln. - David 27. Home lo Connections Jobs Interests How Good is Your PR?- Free Competitive Report For Your Brand vs.Your Top 3 Competitors.Connections A healthy professional life starts with healthy relationshipsHome Prole Connections Jobs Interests Business ServicesRisk Mangngmont Woblnar - Join DueDll analyst for a risk management weblnar.July 7 at 2:00PMConnections A healthy professional life starts with healthy relationshipsEMAIL,OONTACTS,I CALENDARS N Linkedln see conlaclslelreshAdvanced -.4: ' I a : n Export unkedln Connections Luan WiseUpgrade 28. Like ' Grziwiment * Share *Luan wise started a group discussion 21 dCIM Community - South WestMarketing Activity in the South WestC H W As a local CIM volunteer I'd love to understand more about the marketing activities and skill-set in the South West.I have put together a short survey and would be really grateful if you couldLike - Comment 29. 3. Participate in groups 30. 3. Parlicipate in groups Find relevant groups0 Your existing connections prole 0 Your competitors prole0 Groups you may like0 Search box0 Group directory:https: //www. |inkedin. com/ directory/groupsice 1%/ .)uan 31. 3. Participate in groups Evaluate the group0 Read the group prole0 Check out the group manager0 Join and listen0 How active is the group? 0 Are the discussions meaningful and relevant?0 lfthe answer is no - leave! tee 1%/ .)uan 32. Make a Great Second | *N*C*O*M*E from Today.Get an Extra $12,655/month. Judith Bohannon HR at AedusMake a Great Second i'N'CO'M'E from Today.Get an Extra S12,655!month.Start now http; i'i'tinyurl. comikxizp9i'itinyurl_com,I went from getting $3 surveys to $500 surveys every day!.2JOIN NOWI; .' . __ , . ~~ .i - .Angela Burke HR at HR Personnel Services hlipsi/ i'llikd. ir. ~'844KFlU = : High paying opportunities iiom big companies.Join Now To Grab This Opportunity. r . llill;1 33. The Loyalty Awards & Conference.Discussions Promotions Jobs About Search0 LottmgouphionwlntyoutcwhynotbeoomeamanberoiwsopengmupandNote Content in an open group 15: visibiw to all Linkedln visitors and is indwizod for searchE Tim Fehham Data Strategy 1 Loyalty Specialist at lCl_P vany news,any excitement building for tomorrows celebration of loyalty marketing,any reason to follow this discussion group? Commentlzl - Uniikalll - Follow - Floportspam -tdaysagc d You like thisi Tim Feltham discuss. .. 7 Like (0) ' Report spam 4