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  • 1. QuantitativeComps

2. Current Model When two Realtors try to acquire a listing or support their offer, both their offers are technically accurate. 3. Traditional Model The properties are compared by average, with price fluctuation created from qualitative comparison and interpretation of amenities. Error is consistentlylargeandunchecked . 4. Price fluctuation created from qualitative comparison and interpretation of amenities: Error is consistentlylargeandunchecked . 5. Supporting Information If a Realtor presents comps with analysis that keeps errorin check, and as a by-product represents the surroundingneighborhood, the competingrealtor cannot justify the refuting comps. 6. New Comprehensive Model Quantitative Comps provides aMarket Pricebased on a survey of propertiesthatrepresents the entire neighborhoodin relation to the property,keeps error in check, and additionallyprovides trending datato show market forces that may affect demand for that property. 7. Models Compared

  • A 2667 SqFt house, Property X, is priced where market demand is focused, not over-priced
  • The tight price range with detailed market data sets a substantially backed launching point for the Realtor to begin their expert based on-site final analysis
  • Error is in check, and the price will be supported by strong market data that can be presented in a listing presentation or in an offer

8. A Stronger Price is Giving Measured Price In Depth Trending Number of Data Points Probability of Correct Price 9. Quantitative Comps How it Works 10. 11. Report Format

  • The Report Format is broken down into two major sections:
  • Market Price Determination
  • Consumer Demand Analysis

12. Measured Price = NOT ESTIMATED Number of Data Points = 40 vs 4 In Depth Trending = Calibrator can be used for other properties Correlation Coefficient = Strong CorrelationYielding a Correct Price 13. Choosing the Data 14. This is the dataset that goes into thepreliminary analysis 15. Trending the Slope,Trend Result 1 16. Following the Money, Trend Result 2 Market Demand for Subdivision6.88E-05 Slope 2.67E+00 Intercept 11/8/2010 Date 40490 Date Conversion $286,711 Most Popular Price in Micro-Market, Consumer Demand 17. I can now see in numbers what I knew in my gut An accurate number does not mean a quick and easy sale. 18. The number one killer to pricing is Consumer Demand.The larger the divergence, the more emotion will play into the pricing of a property. 19.

  • In the end, its all about the amount of error in the number

This represents: While this represents: 20. QuantitativeComps GivingRealtorsthe data theyneedto help buildthe best price .