Hr as a business partner

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HR as a Business Partner

HR as a Business Partner Efforts By:-Abhishek Aggarwal Shivi Srivastav Bhavya Sharma Saurabh Negi

Human ResoucesToday, HR plays a role of the important business partner, which has a significant impact on the business performance.Human Resources does not support business functions, but it takes over the ownership and leadership of change management projects.HR introduces policies and practices focused on the increase of the performance of employees, maintaining the high level of employees satisfaction, and designing the unique corporate culture.HR leads and manages projects resulting in building the competitive advantage.

DefinitionHR business partners are HR professionals who work closely with an organisations senior leaders in order to develop an HR agenda that closely supports the overall aims of the organisation. The process of alignment is known as HR business partnering and may involve the HR business partner sitting on the board of directors or working closely with the board of directors.The idea of HR business partners was popularised by academic and consultant David Ulrich, who sees HR business partners as part of a successful modern HR function, along with shared services and centres of expertise.

Qualities of HR business partnerSelf-belief in their personal ability to make a difference to the business.Belief in the value of the HR functionConfidence to have a strong point of view and express it even if it proves unpopularAn ability to build long-term, trusting relationships with clients and with HR colleaguesKnowledge and experience of the business and its intricacies and an ability to communicate in business terms

David Ulrich The greatest HR Management Guru, who has influenced the way, we do Human Resources Management today. He has a power to change HR.

Why Is HR Model Important?HR Management can be focused on different initiatives and HR Model makes them visible to managers and employees in the organization. HR Model makes relationships visible to everyone (to internal customers, external vendors and process interdependencies). HR Model assigns processes, responsibilities and job descriptions to right roles HR has to play in the organization. HR Model helps to organize thinking of the team and involve right partners from HR and the business. HR Strategy is far too abstract for many HR employees, the HR Model gives them the right guidance. HR Model is an anchor.

David Ulrichs HR ModelHR Model connects HR Strategy, HR Goals and Objectives, HR Processes and Jobs into an operating model. HR Model defines key roles and responsibilities of Human Resources. HR Model defines how key HR tasks will be delivered and which process and unit in HR will deliver them. HR Model defines the basic HR Roles and Responsibilities (externally to the organization and internally between employees and units). HR Model defines the style of operations of Human Resources. Each change of HR Agenda should begin with the change of the HR Model. It acts as a decision matrix to find the right place for new roles and responsibilities.


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