Hr as Strategic Business Partner

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A simple presentation about how to transform HR from traditional and administrative HR into a strategic business partner

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  • 1. HR as a Strategic Business Partner

2. Traditional HR Function Attendance Recording Hiring People Firing People Payroll Administration Maintain Employee Data HR Policy Candidate Searching Employee Training 3. Administrative function only Hire and forget Recruited talent doesnt meet business requirement Reactive recruiting, only recruit when asked Too much budget on recruitment Training materials do not meet knowledge needed for business Too much budget spent on training Traditional HR 4. Aligned with the companys business strategy Engaging business by rapidly and effectively respond to business needs Find and retain the right people for the business Effectively communicate in the language of executives Coach & motivate people HR as Business Partner 5. Find out companys business strategic plan Find out how the company generate profit Find out what is your customer needs Understand companys Profit & Loss statement, find out how and where HR can affect them Help other department meet their objectives How 6. Once HR have the right tools (software) to run their daily functional tasks, they can be more focussed on being business strategic partner Tips


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