HR SWOT Analysis: Introduce effective HR Management

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The SWOT analysis is one of the best tools for shaping ideas, introducing innovations and evaluating the current status. The analysis is simple and everyone can use it within minutes. Even Human Resources can benefit from the proper usage of the SWOT analysis. The analysis can help to design better HR Processes, introduce new HR Models and Concepts. Each HR Function should conduct the analysis before shaping project goals and aims. The SWOT Analysis helps to identify strengths and opportunities within minutes. It helps to receive best ideas from all team members, who can assign priorities to each idea. They all select ideas, group them and they can introduce highly innovative solution. The innovative HR Management is a key success factor today.

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  • 1. creative HRM HR SWOT Analysis Shaping Ideas quickly Aligning teams and building team spirit How to use SWOT Analysis for the successful and eective HR Management pondl, 9. z 13

2. creative HRM Content (1) SWOT Analysis: The basics (2) HR SWOT Analysis: Common Use (3) HR SWOT Analysis: Benets pondl, 9. z 13 3. SWOT Analysis: The Basics pondl, 9. z 13 4. creative HRM SWOT Analysis: Background SWOT Analysis was introduced in 60s by marketing guys for the quick and accurate description of the competitive landscape (nd out more here) SWOT Analysis quickly spread to other business functions due its simplicity and ease to use and amazing results when used properly Today, it is one of the most common tools used to design a new product, introduce a new process or improve products and services The analysis is one of the best tool to set and shape goals and objectives pondl, 9. z 13 5. creative HRM SWOT Analysis: Key Principles SWOT Analysis has to be conducted for the dened topic SWOT discovers and names internal and external factors which inuences the dened topic SWOT Analysis has a dened process and rules, which have to be followed to achieve best results SWOT Analysis should be short to produce most signicant results pondl, 9. z 13 6. creative HRM SWOT Analysis: Areas Strenghts represent the factors, which makes the competitive advantage they exist and build the dierentiation from competitors it can be built on and continue in a positive development the team is proud of Opportunities represent the factors, which do not exist fully at the moment and can be used as a source of the competitive advantage the team belives this can be a future trend the team can implement Weaknesses represent existing factors, which can be used as the competitive advantage some clients do refuse to make a deal because of them the team can identify them and work on the improvement Threats represent factors, which can change the industry or the process the team cannot control it has to make the solution ready for or it can decide to ignore risks due their insignicance pondl, 9. z 13 7. SWOT Analysis in HR: Common Use pondl, 9. z 13 8. creative HRM HR SWOT Analysis: Usage 1.Introduction of the new HR Model or the new HR Strategy. 2.Aligning employees around updated goals and objectives. 3.Introduction of new HR Processes or redesigning current ones. 4.Designing the communication strategy. 5.Improving the team spirit. pondl, 9. z 13 9. HR SWOT Analysis: HOW? pondl, 9. z 13 10. creative HRM HR SWOT Analysis: HOW? 1. SWOT Analysis is a tool for aligning people; invite the entire team to the exercise. 2. Shape the denition of the problem. Do not expect everyone to understand it using few non-descriptive words. 3. Dene and approve ground rules for the team exercise. 4. Brainstorm... and do not evaluate. One sector after the other. Provoke storming. 5. Record all ideas. Agree rules for assigning priorities. 6. Prioritize. Approve the nal list. You are done. pondl, 9. z 13 11. About creative HRM pondl, 9. z 13 12. creative HRM About creative HRM is a website covering many HR related topics... HR Management, HR Management Practices, HR Strategy, HR Models, HR Business Partnering Model, HR Processes, HR Development, Organizational Design ... The website is new and fresh, a lot of new content will be added during 2013. Please, follow creative HRM as you do not miss any news... cHRM Twitter Please, feel free to visit creative HRM pondl, 9. z 13 13. Follow creative HRM on Google Plus Follow creative HRM on Facebook Follow creative HRM on Twitter Please, feel free to visit creative HRM pondl, 9. z 13