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Presentation led by Douglas Oakervee from HS2 at the APM Conference 2013


<ul><li> 1. High Speed Two: Engine for Growth Douglas Oakervee Chairman, HS2 Ltd </li></ul> <p> 2. HS2 - Engine for Growth HS2 is the Governments vision is for a transport system a an engine for growth. A 21st century transport backbone, integrated with existing infrastructure network Investment that will deliver a lasting dividend The core cities predict that HS2 will underpin the delivery of 400,000 jobs HS2 will link 8 out of Britains 10 largest cities 3. Creating modern transport network Outstanding transport links Responding to high levels of demand growth The number of passenger journeys doubled since 1994 Existing capacity saturated by 2020 Part of record levels of investment in transport Creating extra transport capacity 4. Reliable network Built to modern engineering standards using the latest technologies A high frequency of services HS1 average delay of only 6.8seconds per train Train capable of 225mph Health, safety and security 5. Modern design philosophy 6. Environmental resilience The engineering design and EIA supports the resilience of the scheme by considering: Short-term hazards Long term climate change Interdependency 7. BIM vision for HS2 The HS2 Building Information Model will form the Information Backbone of the HS2 network throughout the lifecycle of the project, eventually becoming the Asset Information Model Deliver and manage data in a spatially related and consistent format The BIM will facilitate a deeper understanding of the design and its requirements, resulting in the reduction of costs The BIM willl be available to all areas of the project and willl be used to facilitate better dissemination of information 8. X 10km PLANNING &amp; LAND USE Zoning Planning Processes Development Briefs Masterplans INVESTMENT Private Sector Partner City Deals Community Infra Levy Business Rates SKILLS VocationalTraining Universities/Academies WorkforceHS2 Ready LabourPool matches predicted employment types EMPLOYMENTTYPES Construction Business Infrastructure Industry MAXIMISING EXISTING CITY PLAN Engaging Local Business Marketing Tourism Place-making HOUSES Matching provision to need Unlocking social housing schemes Adding value to existing stock ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTUNIT City &amp; LEP EDUs Local knowledge Tap into latent talent potential Integrated with other policy LOCALTRANSPORT CONNECTIVITY Connecting communities to HS2 Maximising reach of the benefit Getting more from the network 100,000 jobs 400,000 jobs 8 Encouraging national, regional &amp; local government to integrate around the opportunity 9. Working with the supply chain Programme-level themes will be cascaded through our engagement with the supply chain to support the delivery of the outcomes and benefits of the HS2 vision Strategic Themes Whole Life Excellence On budget Health, Safety and Security Designed for the Passenger Vibrant City Regions On time Environment Skills &amp; Employment They provide an essential framework for procurement planning and delivery through the setting of goals, targets and incentives. 10. Skills &amp; Employment Understanding the skills challenge Health &amp; Safety Employment Education Apprenticeships Diversity Procurement 11. Thank you </p>


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