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<ul><li><p>HR AS A BUSINESS PARTNER </p><p> Laksmi Tobing HR BP Director Corporate Functions Unilever Indonesia </p></li><li><p>My Name is Lala.Im an AREMA! </p></li><li><p>SEVERAL CAREER EXPOSURES IN UNILEVER </p><p></p></li><li><p>UNILEVER INDONESIA STRONG LOCAL ROOTS WITH 81 YEARS OF HISTORY </p><p>1933 </p><p>Established under the name </p><p>Levers Zeepfabrieken N.V. </p><p>in Angke, Jakarta </p><p>1982 </p><p>Went public and listed 15% </p><p>shares on the Jakarta &amp; </p><p>Surabaya Stock Exchange </p><p>1992 </p><p>Entered </p><p>ice cream business </p><p>2000 </p><p>Entered </p><p>soy sauce business </p><p>2008 </p><p>Established the biggest </p><p>Skin Care factory in Asia </p><p>in Cikarang, Bekasi </p><p>1999 </p><p>Acquired Fabrics Conditioner </p><p>and Household Care </p><p>business </p><p>2008 </p><p>Entered </p><p>fruit juice business </p><p>2010 </p><p>Entered Baby </p><p>Personal Care product </p></li><li><p>Our Vision : To earn Love and Respect of Indonesia </p><p>by touching the life of every Indonesian everyday </p></li><li><p>You know us by our brands </p><p>We reach 100 % of Indonesia consumers </p></li><li><p> HR BUSINESS PARTNERING </p></li><li><p>REASON TO CHANGE </p></li><li><p>GET THE RIGHT PEOPLE ON THE BUS. </p></li><li><p>Old HR Role </p><p>Administration </p><p>Transactions </p><p>Performance </p><p>Enhancement </p><p>Strategy </p><p>40% </p><p>30% </p><p>25% </p><p>5% </p><p>% Time, Effort, Cost </p><p>HR Today </p><p>20% </p><p>15% </p><p>10% </p><p>Strategy </p><p>Administration </p><p>Performance </p><p>Enhancement </p><p>55% </p><p>Transactions </p><p>HR </p><p>Transformation </p><p> HR TRANSFORMATION </p></li><li><p>BREAKING MYTHS ABOUT HR! </p><p>Current Myths We Need to </p><p>Break </p><p>New Realities We Need to Usher </p><p>People who like people work in HR People who make business more competitive work in </p><p>HR. HR is not a social retreat to make employees happy. </p><p>Anyone can do HR HR is a research based function. It is easy to understand, </p><p>difficult to do. It needs skills &amp; strength of character. </p><p>HR deals with the soft aspects with </p><p>no KPIs </p><p>HR has clear KPIs (lead or lag measures) impacting </p><p>business </p><p>HR focuses on controlling costs HR adds value not just reduce costs </p><p>HRs job is to be the Policy Police Managers own compliance not HR. HR sets up systems </p><p>to track compliance </p><p>HR practises exist to make </p><p>employees happy </p><p>HR practises help business win in market place </p><p>HR is full of jargons which keep </p><p>changing </p><p>HR is simple with less jargon, consistent &amp; aligned to </p><p>business needs </p><p>HR is staffed by nice people HR people are challenging as well as supportive firm </p><p>and fair </p><p>HR is HRs job People Management is everyones responsibility. HR is </p><p>as important to line managers as are finance, strategy </p><p>etc </p></li><li><p>HR OPERATING FRAMEWORK </p><p>People </p><p>HR SERVICES </p><p>(HRS) </p><p>Expertise Teams </p><p>(ET) </p><p>HRBP </p><p>Unilever HR requires a comprehensive change in roles, technology and </p><p>processes to successfully improve HR Services. </p></li><li><p>ROLES IN THE HR OPERATING FRAMEWORK </p><p>HRBP </p><p>To partner with business </p><p>to build leadership </p><p>capability, organizational </p><p>capability and culture to </p><p>win in the market place </p><p>ET </p><p>HRBP </p><p>HRS </p><p>People </p><p>Expertise Teams </p><p>To provide functional </p><p>expertise through HR </p><p>solutions, to accelerate </p><p>growth of the business </p><p>and everyone in Unilever </p><p>HR Services </p><p>To provide admin and </p><p>transactional support as per </p><p>agreed service agreements </p><p>and enable implementation </p><p>of processes </p><p>People </p><p>To use self-service </p><p>functionality and tools and </p><p>receive HR services in line </p><p>with the HR Operating </p><p>Framework </p></li><li><p>HR TRANSFORMATION : MINDSET AND ATTITUDE CHANGE </p><p>OLD DAYS HR IN A COCOON : PASSIVE </p><p>NOWADAYS -&gt; HRBP: ACTIVE AND DYNAMIC </p></li><li><p> HR BUSINESS PARTNERING </p></li><li><p> Aligning HR Strategy to Business Strategy </p><p>ITS ABOUT .. </p></li><li><p>Diagnostics Synthesis Move to Action </p><p> Stakeholders interviews : understand their priorities, </p><p> business challenges and HR support required </p><p> External Scan </p><p> Business ambition </p><p> Hypothesis on company strengths and gaps to be closed in the area of Talent </p><p> Organization </p><p> Skills </p><p> Culture </p><p> Synthesis : data analysis to sharpen the proposal </p><p> Translate it into Action Plan </p><p>TALENT AND ORGANIZATION REVIEW </p></li><li><p> EXTERNAL SCAN </p></li><li><p>AVAILABILITY OF RIGHT TALENTS </p></li><li><p>6,96% </p><p>3,79% 4,30% </p><p>8,38% </p><p>6,00% </p><p>8,00% 8,00% </p><p>8,4% 10,0% </p><p>28,0% </p><p>30,0% </p><p>17,0% </p><p>15,0% 15,0% </p><p>0,00%</p><p>5,00%</p><p>10,00%</p><p>15,00%</p><p>20,00%</p><p>25,00%</p><p>30,00%</p><p>35,00%</p><p>2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016</p><p>Inflation</p><p>Minimum Wages</p><p>MINIMUM WAGES INCREASE </p><p>What is the impact to the company ? </p></li><li><p>Link it with Business strategy </p></li><li><p> xxx bn x bn xx bn </p><p>2007 2012 2015 </p><p>Grow bigger faster. </p><p>COMPANY GROWTH AMBITION.... </p></li><li><p>Translate it into HR Agenda </p></li><li><p>THE TRANSLATION INTO HR AGENDA </p><p> Speed of business acceleration is getting faster , pose a challenge </p><p>for talent and organization to cope with the changes </p><p> Growing Indonesias economy invites multi national competitor and </p><p>acceleration of local coy , require different capability and led to </p><p>talent war </p><p> Rising cost especially wages and energy , a wake up call for </p><p>productivity improvement </p><p> Multi categories , matrix organization and complex infra structure </p><p>requires efficient and effective ways of working </p></li><li><p>TRANSLATING THE CHALLENGE INTO HR AGENDA </p><p>1.Steady talent pipelines : </p><p>-Talent development </p><p>-Talent Retention </p><p>2.Building Indonesian </p><p>Global Leaders </p><p>3.What are the biggest </p><p>skills / competency gap </p><p>6.Performance Culture </p><p>4.Productivity benchmark </p><p>and improvement </p><p>5.Simplification of ways </p><p>of working </p></li><li><p>HRBP ROLES AND PROFILES </p></li><li><p>29 </p><p>HRBP Roles </p><p>Work with Line Managers to: </p><p> Ensure organisational structure is aligned to business needs </p><p> Develop rigorous succession planning. </p><p> Ensure team have the right experience/s for business. </p><p> Identify key roles and people develop retention strategy and maintain </p><p>minimal turnover </p><p> Develop people identify skills/competencies gaps that need to be developed </p><p>and deliver right learning and development. </p><p> Manage performance management. </p><p>Ensure you have the right people in the right </p><p>jobs with the right skills doing the right thing </p><p>your function is fit to compete. </p></li><li><p>MY PERSONAL LEARNING </p></li><li><p> MULTIPLE ROLES </p></li><li><p> PROTECT VS SERVE </p></li><li><p>PEOPLE AGENDA ON TOP OF BUSINESS AGENDA </p><p> Memo </p><p>To ASF, BS, BTR, JF, LA, RF, SH, TIM, </p><p>YN </p><p>From YT</p><p>R </p><p>c.c. SR Date 8th </p><p>Se</p><p>p </p><p>201</p><p>5 </p><p> No. of pages 1 </p><p>Subject </p><p>Financial Committee Meeting No. 9/2015 </p><p>10th floor war room, 18th September 2015 </p><p>09.30 </p><p>10.30 </p><p>12.00 </p><p>13.00 </p><p>14.00 </p><p>14.30 </p><p>15.30 </p><p>16.00 </p><p>Presentation: </p><p>*Koen Utomo Koesno Teguh </p><p>*Jessica Gaby </p><p>People </p><p>Lunch </p><p>Business update </p><p>SEAA FLT detail visit </p><p>AP2016 </p><p>ZBB </p><p>AOB </p><p>Koen </p><p>Gaby </p><p>LA </p><p>All </p><p>YTR </p><p>JF </p><p>BS </p><p>All </p></li><li><p>GO BEYOND HR THINGS.. </p></li><li><p>SPEAK BUSINESS LANGUAGE </p></li><li><p>Thank </p><p>You </p></li></ul>


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