Ian King - Mid West Ports Authority - Mid West Ports Authority Perspective

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Text of Ian King - Mid West Ports Authority - Mid West Ports Authority Perspective

  • Ian King

    Chairman, Mid West Ports Authority

    Regional Ports Conference

    Cairns, 29 October 2015

  • Berth 7

    Berth 2

    Berth 3

    Berth 4 Berth 5 Berth 6


    Iron Ore

    Mineral Sands

    14 distinct cargo types;

    26 separate (regular) port customers;

  • Port authority ports

    Ports currently overseen by DoT and

    proposed ports

    Kimberley Ports


    Pilbara Ports


    Mid West Ports


    Southern Ports Authority

    Fremantle Port Authority


  • Source: Draft 2015 Ports Handbook

  • Trade 2003-2020

  • MWPA Development Overview

    Year Investment

    2002/03 Port Enhancement Project ($103M)

    2004/05 Southern Transport Corridor Stage 1 ($88M)

    2007/08 Berth 5 Iron Ore Enhancement Project ($50M)

    2009 Southern Transport Corridor Stage 2 ($44M)

    2010/12 Karara Minings integrated Berth 7 facility ($250M)

    2011/12 Upgrade of GPAs train unloading circuit ($20M)

    2011/12 Rail upgrade Morawa to Geraldton, Brookfield ($500M)

    Total Investment > $1B

  • Port Enhancement Project

    Geraldton 2002/03

    Consignment size;

    - increased from 35,000t to 65,000t


    - increased from 9m to 12.5m;

    Eliminated two port loading for grain;

    Created opportunity for iron ore exports;

    Kick-started the Mid West economy.

  • New Port Operations Commence

    New deeper port opened in 2004;

    Mount Gibson commenced iron ore exports;

    Negotiations were underway with other iron ore prospects:-

    Sinosteel Midwest;

    Murchison Metals;

    Karara Mining;

    Asia Iron;


  • Surge

    29/10/2015 15

  • Software Project

    Existing software (Synergy) not capable of supporting the business;

    Selection process complete;

    Objective records management; &

    IFS (ERP) finance, commercial, operations (marine &

    landside), engineering, HSEQ & HR

    Objective go live complete;

    IFS implemented in two phases;

    Phase 1 go-live 1 October 2015.

  • Rail Terminal Services

    In 2011, MWPAs private rail siding served grain & iron ore;

    Single above rail operator (Aurizon) & approx 4mt/yr;

    Siding faced;

    higher demand by existing users,

    the entrance of a new customer (KML); &

    introduction of a 2nd above rail operator (Watco).

    ORS reclassified MWPAs private rail siding;

    MWPA required to achieve;

    - Rail Infrastructure Manager accreditation; &

    - Limited Rail Operator accreditation;

    Continuous management presence & reporting obligations;

    Cost recovery charge

  • Berth 4 Capital Works Project

    29/10/2015 18

    The Berth 4 shiploader was constructed in

    the mid 1960s;

    A refurbishment project has been approved

    and will involve the following components;

    1. Remediation of concrete and sheet pile


    2. Shiploader 4 control and electrical system

    upgrade; &

    3. Replacement of CV 3 & 4 gallery


  • Reconciliation Action Plan

    Plan officially launched (28 May 2015);

    Background & objectives;

    - Dodson & Howard (2006);

    - build relationships, respect & trust;

    - consider actions within sphere of influence

    Mid West Ports RAP;

    - build knowledge (identify opportunities & impediments)

    - establish relationships;

    - raise internal awareness; &

    - consider employment & contracting opportunities.

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