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Michael Savuskan participated in the IDCEE 2013 Panel "Rising tech stars from the East: What makes them shine?" Michael Savuskan is the COO of, the largest language learning platform in Russia and FSU states, that also launched this year in Brazil. With over 5 million users, learning English with the help of various content )movies, videos, books, music, etc.) and 15,000 registrations per day, LinguaLeo is growing by leaps and bounds and is poised to go to the next level of international expansion. Its major investors include Runa Capital. Michael, originally from Moscow, Russia, joined LinguaLeo earlier this year. Before that, for 20 years he worked as an executive in Russia and the USA, in consumer electronics, telecom and IT industries. He graduated from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY, USA with degree in International Relations. His profile on Linkedin: Pic's are here: More @ Follow us on: YouTube: Facebook: Linkedin: Twitter: Google+: Flickr:


  • 1. Engaging Gamified Language Learning web / mobile / +++

2. How LinguaLeo works? 2The user chooses current level, targets and media content he likes news, audiobooks, videos to listen, comprehends & imitate wordlists & phraselists by topics, grammar courses, thematic courses, courses on skillsThe gamified scenario leads him on the way Leo gives advice, feels hunger, gets XP points & levels, eats meatballs, lives in the Jungle (where the content is)Feels real-time progress, enjoys social sharing Daily progress, ratings, sharing, following learning activity 3. LinguaLeo Today (Oct 13) 3 >5.000.000 users (>14,000 daily regs). Leader in Russia and CIS. >300.000 users in Brasil Great engagement & retention iPhone, Android, Windows Phone apps are in Top Education TNW Russian Startup Awards 2013 Russian Startup Rating 2012 BIT 2011 Cloud 2012 50+ talented team Runa Capital $3 mln 4. LinguaLeo Key Team members 4Aynur Abdulnasyrov, CEO and Founder. Ex-CEO and Founder of, Co-founder of, Ramil Ibragimov, Business Development Director at VC Runa Capital. Ex-CEO of IT-parks in Kazan and Chelny (the best Russian technoparks in 2011-2013 according to the official rankings) Great help and support by Serguei Beloussov, founder and senior partner at VC Runa Capital, founder of Parallels and Acronis 5. New branch for today: 5Located on: 11 languages in the world (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, etc.) 7 languages in CIS (Kazakh, Kirghiz, Turkmen, Armenian, Tadjik, Uzbek, Azerbaijani) 140 mln people in 100(!) countries learn Russian as a foreign language 15 mln immigrants enter Russia annually 13 mln pupils in Russia learn Russian Great opportunity for the Russian tourist-oriented countries 6. 6 7. 7 8. 8 9. 9 10. 10 11. 11 12. 12 13. 13 14. 14 15. 15 16. 16 17. Why LinguaLeo is better? 17Busuu REAL FREEMIUM GAMIFIED MULTI PLATFORM VIRAL & SOCIAL CONTENT RICHLivemochaEnglishTow LinguaLeo n 18. The Future of LinguaLeo (2016) 18 The most popular and convenient platform for language learners and educators worldwide 100+ mln users worldwide 20+ languages, 40+ countries 4+ platforms (web, mobile, desktop, browsers and more). $200+ mln recurrent revenue