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Want to reach a Global TELEVISION AUDIENCE?


  • 1. Sale What You Know, Not What You Do. Broadcast Like Major Companies And Reach TV Sets Directly

2. iDefine TV is a digital network made up of multiple channels such as... iDefine Atlanta iDefine Business iDefine Film iDefine Music iDefine Health & Wellness iDefine Innovation And More... 3. It's geared to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, to indie music artists gain mass exposure, to grow your client base, to get your message out to the masses and to drive sales for your products and/or services to a potential 5 million viewers... locally and globally. All videos are available to our viewers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (video on demand). 4. What would you do with a potential 5 million TV viewers for your business? Local or global? This is straight to TV and not web based. I ll share why this is important with you shortly. 5. Your viewers are throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom markets. Get The Exposure & Branding Like The Big Corporations. With video on demand your video content will be available to viewers as far as Sweden, Ontario Canada or locally, like here in Atlanta. 6. Why settle for web video when you can reach TV viewers? 7. Did you know . "The average [YouTuber] spends only 15 minutes a day on the site a meager showing when it s compared with the 4 or 5 hours the average American spends in front of the TV each day." 8. Here's why others choose iDefine TV We believe that with the right media exposure ''alternative music will have a chance to compete in the market industry and consequently musicians will have also a chance to sell their music... Amedeo Belinda World Jazz Sweden& - - "I like the idea of being on the forefront when it comes to marketing my unique combination of businesses. I've also discovered I make stronger connections (and sales) when I talk to people about what I do. I believe the passion I feel for my work comes through. Dana Myles Publishing Consultant Georgia- - I feel that you have a great brand and product that I would love to use to be marketed to the world. S Watts Entertainment Management Georgia. - - 9. Marketing Success Requires Reach. How's Yours? Allow iDefine TV to help expand yours today.... Contact us today... Phone: 678-636-9422 Online: