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  • 1. Loyalty Programmes Whats the Point? Angelina dos Santos-Barrett 21 August 2013

2. What is the point? 3. Customer Engagement: Then & Now Limited Competitors Personal Relationships: Corner stores Additional Value Marketing Simple Several Competitors Convenience Driven Customer Information Direct Marketing Engagement 4. Name Surname Gender Title Address ID Number Date of Birth Purchase Amount Date Time Store Purchased At Opt In Product/s Purchased Multiple Tender Communication Building a Picture 5. Maria 25 30 years Old African Woman Black Cat Peanut Butter - Smooth Has 1 daughter aged 3 years Does weekly shopping Clare 25 30 years old White Woman Loves Black Cat Peanut Butter crunchy Has no children, engaged Does monthly shopping Know your Customer 6. Data Insights Metrics KPI ActionsExecute Measure Customer Centric = Relevance 7. Build a relationship with your customer - ensure your customer returns to your store for future purchases!! 8. Using Innovative Tools to Engage Customers 9. Vouchers & Coupons SMS - MMS USSD POS - Web Print - Self Service Kiosk - Mobile App 10. Vouchers & Coupons Balance Hello Angelina!! Pay Specials Buy Survey Facebook Twitter Chat Connecting everywhere 11. Different Rewards Omni-Channel Social Media 12. Insights (data) Easy to understand Easy to participate Relevant (value) Equitable to all Drives desired behaviour Evolves Loyalty Programme 101 13. Driving Consumer behaviour through relevant engagement 14. Angelina dos Santos-Barrett Product Manager: Loyalty, Vouchers, Coupons and Gift Card Tel: 021 681 3000 Cell: 071 371 0480 Email: [email protected]

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