Intelligent Content Strategy for Small Businesses

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Marketing a small business used to be fairly simple. Now it takes an intelligent content strategy.


  • 1. Intelligent Content StrategyforSmall Businesses
  • 2. BLOGGINGNo-one knows your business better thanyou do.Blogging is good for reaching the rightpeople, showing them your expertise andfeeding fresh content to the searchengines.Posts do not have to be long. They canbe a few paragraphs, or even just a greatimage with a few lines of copy.
  • 3. CASE STUDIESThe trick is not to make cases studies too clinical.Tell stories about your best customers: what the problem was how they used your product/service to solve thatissue details of their results.
  • 4. WHITE PAPERSA white paper is a report that sharesexpertise, trends or industry information andresearch with your current and potential customers.A good whitepaper can Get media coverage Improve brand awareness Build a mailing list Provide qualified leads
  • 5. WEBINARSThere are many easy-to-use online presentationplatforms you can use to deliver webinars.Record your webinars so in addition to the liveevent you can offer on-demand video.Use webinars to:Show product featuresExplain complex informationShare new ideasPosition your brand with other thought leaders inyour field
  • 6. VISUALSThere is a growing demand for images, graphics andvideo online.Research shows that visuals increase views andengagement on every online platform media, blogsand social networks.Tell your stories visually - add high quality images,infographics and short, interesting videos with everypiece of content you publish. Learn to use the free andlow cost apps on your phone and tablet to make thisvisual content.
  • 7. ONLINE NEWSROOMYour branded content needs a place to live. A hosted onlinenewsroom should housePress releasesArticlesBlog postsImagesVideosWebinarsWhite papersCompany Twitter feedPress ContactsExec biosExpert resumes
  • 8. L.A. Business Technology Center2400 Lincoln AvenueAltadena, CA. 91001626 296 6218