Introduction to Growth Hacking - Building an Engine for triple digit growth

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In todays super saturated landscape, startups need not only to differentiate themselves but employ creative and data driven techniques to both acquire customers and retain them. In this session, well explore the fundamentals of growth hacking and how to deploy them for technology startups.


  • 1.Growth hacking for startups:building an effective engine for triple digit growth Jacek Grebski

2. hacker/hakrthe process sucks, objective is what matters Jacek Grebski 3. growth hacking / grTH hakiNGinnovative, creative, and intuitive marketingtechniques to drive product growthJacek Grebski 4. Jacek Grebski 5. the status quo doesnt cut it. Jacek Grebski 6. cost / kstday one is the start of your burn, and youneed to minimize this asap. Jacek Grebski 7. time / tmis the most valuable resource we have. rapidproduct development + iteration. t = 0 Jacek Grebski 8. what constitutes growth hacking? Jacek Grebski 9. USER EXPERIENCEJacek Grebski 10. communicate value! Jacek Grebski 11. +ALUE NTENT Jacek Grebski 12. Jacek Grebski 13. Jacek Grebski 14. Jacek Grebski 15. most importantly, KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID.Jacek Grebski 16. DATA ANALYSISJacek Grebski 17. dont shoot from the hip Jacek Grebski 18. collect data on everything Jacek Grebski 19. Jacek Grebski 20. CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION Jacek Grebski 21. unique visitors% users %customers%advocatesJacek Grebski 22. and identify what, works and what doesnt. Jacek Grebski 23. USER ENGAGEMENTJacek Grebski 24. Behavioral AnalysisJacek Grebski 25. engage your base by, talking to them.Jacek Grebski 26. engage your base by, involving them. Jacek Grebski 27. engage your base by, being interesting.Jacek Grebski 28. and then conduct deep, behavioral analysis.Jacek Grebski 29. Jacek Grebski 30. VIRAL STRATEGY Jacek Grebski 31. motivation - trigger - reward - actionover and over and over and over and over Jacek Grebski 32. what gets you o, ______?Jacek Grebski 33. what gets you o, money? Jacek Grebski 34. what gets you o, power? Jacek Grebski 35. what gets you o, sex? Jacek Grebski 36. what gets you o, recognition? Jacek Grebski 37. what gets you o, wow factor?Jacek Grebski 38. Jacek Grebski 39. PUBLIC RELATIONS Jacek Grebski 40. is bullshit! Jacek Grebski 41. does not convert to customers. Jacek Grebski 42. Jacek Grebski 43. why would anyone give a shit?Jacek Grebski 44. SEOJacek Grebski 45. hack SEO?Jacek Grebski 46. hack SEO? ask your base. Jacek Grebski 47. BENCHMARKJacek Grebski 48. CREATIVITY Jacek Grebski 49. a lot to take in? no worries Jacek Grebski 50. because if you build it, they wont come.Jacek Grebski 51. PRODUCTminimum viable Jacek Grebski 52. you need to dene a strategy for growth from day one Jacek Grebski 53. PRODUCTminimum viable matureJacek Grebski 54. TESTEVERYTHING.Jacek Grebski 55. shorten time to scale asap.Jacek Grebski 56. time / tmis the mostvaluableresourcewe have.Jacek Grebski 57. 6 months in. daily users +1600%. conversion 2% - 13%. revenue +576%.Jacek Grebski 58. Jacek Grebski 59. jacek grebski @jgrebski Jacek Grebski