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Kerry Loughran Alexa Mosley Brenna Oricoli Emily Ribbins

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KABE Mission Statement

“KABE Consulting is an independent external consulting firm that is dedicated to providing expert services and advice. We pride ourselves on the highest level of

commitment to our customers, by striving to execute the needs and wants of our clients. To do this, we work to provide insight and clarity when making difficult decisions and

offering an objective approach.”

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KABE Offers...

Met Deadlines




Third Party Perspective





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Create job description

Determining plans and activities for recruiting applicants

How applicants will be

sorted/receive interviews

Plan for interview process

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Our Approach

● Show organizational culture and bond between employees

● A recruitment plan helps secure the best person for the job by selecting a person who will meet the company’s needs in order to fulfill goals

Perfect Job Ad

Global Recruitment

Online Testing

Working Conditions Job


Balance of Work Life/ Social Life

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Crafting the Perfect Ad

Clear Concise Consistent

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Global Recruitment Strategy

Target market is everything

Internationally based knowledge

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Online Testing

Allows us to automatically exclude

any applicant that doesn’t meet

Unbreakable’s specified criteria at

the start of the process

Reduces the duration of the

interview process and the

number of interviewees,

allowing it to be more focused

Reduces the cost and amount of

time required to recruit and

evaluate applicants

Multiple tests to evaluate skills

and personality

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Interview Process

● Applicants chosen after online testing

● One month of interviews

● Group interviews

○ Two members of KABE

○ Representatives of Unbreakable

● Casual and conversational

● Rated based on motivation, logical

and clear responses in interview

What sets Unbreakable Market Research Inc. apart from its competitors?

What do you think is the biggest challenge in this job field? Will you be able to handle


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● Being Clear, Concise, and Consistent when crafting the perfect job ad

● Think like our target market and start with the end in mind

● Use online testing to evaluate potential candidate’s skills and personalities

● Interviews will ensure that the employee will fit into the culture of the company

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Step 1: Create the perfect job

Step 2:Three month process of receiving applications

Step 4:background checks for the recipients of job offer

Step 3:One month interview process


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We welcome any questions about our recruitment plan.

Thank you!