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Class 4

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2. SAVE THE DATES 3. INVITATIONS 4. SPONSORSHIP FORMS 5. ONLINE INVITATIONS Evite Paperless Post 6. UNIQUE INVITATIONS 7. MAILING & PRINTING COSTS 8. GUEST LIST & RSVP 9. CREATE AN EVENT WEBSITE 10. CREATE A FACEBOOK PAGE 11. CREATE AN EMAIL ADDRESS For more event information please [email protected] To RSVP please send email [email protected] 12. KEEP STATIONARY DESIGNCONSISTENT 13. CUSTOM LOGO FOR EVENT 14. SIGNAGE 15. PROGRAMS 16. FUNDRAISING EVENT MATERIALSAppeal CardsRaffle forms 17. AUCTION SHEETS 18. ADDITIONAL MATERIALS Additional branding Sponsor information 19. MAPS 20. T-SHIRTS 21. BRANDED PROMOTIONAL ITEMS 22. Rules for Gardner Museum No Food or Beverages in the Museum, including gum No use of cell phones, this includes texting No photography of any kind....this includes use of smartphones No touching the art No bags larger than 10in (if someone does bring one, we will checkit in the coat check) No pens in the Cloisters- pencils only No smoking If anyone needs to use the restroom they must do so in the NewWing only. No one can leave the tour group during the tour. No one can leave the Education Studio during the pre-tour talkunless escorted by myself or Julia Any late comers will need to go through security and wait for Julia ormyself to get them and bring them to the group