Let's Take A Look: Sally Couderc and Troy Langerak

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  • 1. For todays tour, were going to have a look around the house of Sally Couderc (writer and creator of Goldberg & Silent Lady) and her husband Troy Langerak (the sports star) at 100 Savoy Yard. This house is in the main hood, which is on the Sedona template. The house is currently unoccupied, because this is my emergency backup hood that I am preparing for rebuild, but I am planning to have Sally and Troy move in afterwards. This house is a redecorated version of joandsarah77s Gull Cottage. The original has a beachy theme, which I thought did not quite go with suburbia.

2. The front of the house, without any of that distracting writing on it 3. Orientation shot of the second floor 4. Reading nook on the second floor. Door to the right is to Sally & Troys bedroom; door to the left is to the bathroom. 5. Sally & Troys bedroom 6. Orientation shot of the first floor 7. A less distracting shot of the porch 8. The living room, with a cage for Rudy the Cockatoo, mk. 2 9. The other half of the living room. The empty frame will hold a custom painting of the Season 1 Goldberg & Silent Lady poster after the rebuild, but it requires a Sim to set it. 10. The kitchen -- I kept the parrot painting Jo had placed :) 11. Looking at the dining room from the kitchen 12. The downstairs bathroom 13. Sallys writing room -- the odd-looking thing in the lower right 14. is the spare bed for visitors. Or a handy flat surface. Whichever. (The blank frames will hold pictures of Tamara, but they require a Sim to set it up.) 15. And thats all I have for you today! Please join me again at an unspecified future date for another tour.Until next time, Happy Simming!