Leveraging LinkedIn for Leads and Relationships

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How businesss owners, marketers, and individuals and grow their influence and results with LinkedIn. Learn how to utilize profiles, company pages, groups, ads, and more!


  • 1.Leveraging LinkedInFor Leads and Relationships4/16/2013Chris ReillyUnleashed Online Media1

2. The state of LinkedIn and business socialnetworking in 2013 13 ways to grow your reach in 2013 Questions/AnswersAgenda2 3. Largest team of Google Certified AdWordsProfessionals in WA, ID, & MT In operations since 2009 Search, Social, Display, Video, and MobileAd planning, logistics, and optimizationAbout Unleashed Online Media3 4. The State of LinkedIn4 5. The State of LinkedIn5 6. The State of LinkedIn6 7. The State of LinkedIn7 8. The State of LinkedIn8 9. Popularity by Industry9 10. Popularity by Industry10 11. How they make money11 12. Your online first impression Add photos, videos, presentations,languages, education, certifications & more People tend to look for company names,number of connections, and titles first.Build a better profile!12 13. Post a photo and nice description Link to individual products or services onyour website and seek recommendations Spend some time with your InsightsImprove your company page13 14. Belonging isnt enough! Join local groups or industry relevant onesanywhere in the world Post useful content and answer questions Consider starting your own group!Participate in Groups14 15. Case studyEmail chris@unleashed-online for full study15 16. Demonstrate your expertise Be thorough, prompt, and precise. Linking to blog with detailed answers canbe helpful Nobody likes self-promotional answers NOT possible in in Answers anymore, trygroups or Quora insteadAnswer Peoples Questions16 17. Post relevant articles that help yourpotential customers Find content with niche forums, AllTop,Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Twitter Use RSS to manage time effectively Try Buffer or Hootsuite to ScheduleContent even consider automating withIFTTTShare content updates17 18. LinkedIn.com/DirectAds Target a large enough audience CEOs are hard to reach via LinkedIn Ads CPC is safer, but CPM can perform better Write ads with strong calls to action NEW skill targeting and video ad formatsAdvertise your practice18 19. Search for Jobs in your area of expertise Reach out with an InMail to the decision-maker, not recruiters Include references from similar projects Works great on Craigslist as wellFind projects via Jobs19 20. Use Search to find great prospects Write a very personalized, soft intro Include references from similar projects Avoid selling, just ask for a meetingReach Out With InMail20 21. Endorse friends, partners, and clients Each person you endorse gets an email Recommendations carry more weight Associate yourself with strong brands bywriting recommendations on their pagesEndorse and Recommend Others21 22. See who is looking at your profile Follow up with InMail or offline contact Dont mention you saw their viewLearn to love Profile Views22 23. Send messages to people whenthey join new companies Write a personal note whensomebody updates their title Ask open-ended questions to seeif there are opportunitiesCongratulate people!23 24. Find what businesses are similar toyour best customers on theircompany page profile Ask for a recommendation from yourbest customer Send an InMail to similar company,referencing the work you did for yourbest customer and asking for ameetingPeople Also Viewed24 25. RAPPORTIVE.COM Follow people in seconds! Check out what is happening intheir social world and havesomething to mention Only works with gMailGrow your reach with Rapportive25 26. QUESTIONS?26