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  2. 2. ALIKO DANGOTE NIGERIAN BILLIONAIRE In whatever you do, strive to be the best at it. STARTUP ELITE
  3. 3. DIGITAL EVENT MARKETING Lupita Nyongo Academy Award Winning Actress STARTUP ELITE
  4. 4. EVENT WEBSITE KEY ELEMENTS STARTUP ELITE MAIN OBJECTIVE: LAUNCH AN EVENT-SPECIFIC WEBSITE KEY ELEMENT #1: CONTENT - Informative Content: Event agenda, special guests, speaker bios, sponsor list, event partners etc. - Marketing Content: Strategically placed marketing copy that provides a clear call to action (buy tickets/RSVP). KEY ELEMENT #2: FEATURES - Registration Process: The ability to quickly and effortlessly register and pay any fees (if those apply). - Discount Features: Offering promotional discounts including early bird and group discounts. - Multiple Registration Paths: Implementation of landing pages to target different types of attendees. KEY ELEMENT #3: CONNECT - Social Component: Get people activated to follow your social media channels and share the website. - E-mail Capture: Offering newsletters and insightful premium content to get the email address of non-attendees. Event websites can make or break an event.
  5. 5. EVENT WEBSITE COMMON MISTAKES STARTUP ELITE Long Registration Forms Nobody wants to spend their time filling out lengthy forms that ask pointless questions. No Ongoing Content The website needs to have marketing objectives beyond driving attendance for a single event and that requires ongoing content strategy. Unnecessary Content Eliminate the content that does not support your marketing objectives. All content needs to drive the visitor towards a defined action. Over-Optimized Many features have the ability to improve conversion but if they are thoughtlessly implemented they will negatively affect event attendance and brand reputation. Too Many Ticket Options Giving too many options will complicate the ticket buyers decision making process and cause inaction. No Analytics Without analytics you are missing out on a huge opportunity to fully evaluate your overall performance. We will assess your current event website and make recommendations for improvement. If necessary, we get our team involved in the implementation whether that requires building upon your current infrastructure and rebuilding from scratch.
  6. 6. EVENT MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA Tony Elumelu Chairman of Heirs Holdings STARTUP ELITE
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA EVENT STRATEGY As you promote your event through social media channels it is important to modify the language and tactics over time to keep the message from going stale. - Create a captivating message that gets people to act now/perform a desirable action. - Get people excited about the event by teasing them with what they can expect. - Inform attendees early on about any event hashtags you plan on using. - Implement multiple pre-event objectives such as capturing new emails. - Modify not just the language but the graphics that you use to stay interesting. STARTUP ELITE
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT MARKETING Launch, revamp or improve your social media efforts through informative, engaging and entertaining content across all your social media channels. STEP 1: GETTING STARTED - Content Mix Strategy - Content Production Strategy - Editorial Voice Guidelines - Editorial Calendar - Content Distribution Strategy - Hands-on Social Media Management - Performance Tracking Tools STARTUP ELITE STEP 2: AMPLIFICATION - Implementing top trends and staying on the cutting edge. - Developing unique co-branding opportunities. - Launching user-generated content campaigns. - Execute promotional campaigns for increased engagement. We use strategy, creativity and savvy tools to engage with your audience to ensure your brand is relevant and part of the conversation. We will help you in creating an event-specific and ongoing social media strategy that will support the marketing objectives for the magazine and the events. With the right strategy in place we can offer affordable rates for continuous hands-on social media management.
  9. 9. DIGITAL PR STRATEGY Chiwetel Ejiofor Actor, Director, Writer STARTUP ELITE
  10. 10. DIGITAL PR STRATEGY Digital PR is a complex combination of several processes including content marketing, social media and search that builds upon the traditional ways of doing PR such as developing media relations and publishing press releases. Key Digital PR Initiatives: - Amplify content marketing efforts by repurposing content you already have into fresh new content. - Growing your digital footprint by publishing repurposed content on multiple online platforms. - Expanding media relations to include bloggers as well as social media influencers. - Launching internal C-Level personal branding initiatives to indirectly grow brand value for the organization. - Implement measurement tools to easily track all earned media and progress towards milestone goals. - Leveraging all things digital to support the traditional PR initiatives. STARTUP ELITE We will ensure that your strategy will significantly grow your digital footprint so that followers, advertisers and sponsors can easily identify you as a key player in your industry.
  11. 11. CONTENT PRODUCTION E-MAIL INTERVIEWS Mosunmola Mo Abudu Talk Show Host, Moments with MoSTARTUP ELITE
  12. 12. CONTENT PRODUCTION EMAIL INTERVIEWS STARTUP ELITE VALUE OF EMAIL INTERVIEWS - Depending on the type of questions that are asked the interview may have a very long shelf life. - This type of content is in high demand from the people that are being interviewed and their followers. - It is highly social content that is likely to be shared and receive a great amount of engagement. - This content type can be scalable, its very efficiently produced and brings effective results. - It is one of the most cost-effective methods to build up brand value and reputation. - The unique ability to start building real relationships with very powerful/influential people. - Email interviews allows you to create a lot of spin-off content such as interview quote graphics. COMMON MISTAKES IN DOING EMAIL INTERVIEWS - Interviewing everyone. In order to add brand value you need to be interviewing people that are known. - Asking all the same questions. If all the questions are literally the same the interview loses value and admiration. - Completely switching over. A digital magazine needs to have a content mix that goes beyond just interviews. - Not doing your homework. You need to research the people you are interviewing to be able to ask good questions. - Too casual approach. Have a structured process about approaching and following up with people about interviews. We can not just put the strategy in place but completely take over the interview content development process allowing you to focus on the content you are currently producing.
  13. 13. POTENTIAL INTERVIEWEE STARTUP ELITE SAMPLE LIST OF POTENTIAL INTERVIEWEE Fatou Bensouda | Gambia Chief Prosecutor of the ICC Thabo Mbeki | South Africa Former President of South Africa Salva Kiir | South Sudan President of South Sudan Riek Machar | South Sudan Vice President of South Sudan Akinwumi Adesina | Nigeria Nigerias Agriculture Minister Nkosozana Dlamini-Zuma | South Africa Chairperson of the African Union Yoweri Museveni | Uganda President of Uganda Aliko Dangote | Nigeria Africas Richest Man Donald Kaberuka | Rwanda Head of the African Development Bank Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala | Nigeria Nigerias Minister of Finance Bridgette Radebe | South Africa Head of the South African Mining Development Marime Jamme | Senegal CEO of Spot One Global Solutions Benjamin Ohiaeri | Nigeria Medical Director at First Consultants Hospital Isha Sesay | Sierra Leone Anchor and Correspondent for CNN International Note: In our initial research we have identified over 100 potential interviewees. Mosunmola Mo Abudu | Nigeria Ebony Life Television CEO Rafael Marques de Morais | Angola Investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas | Ghana Undercover Journalist Kwangu Liwewe | Zambia Executive Producer and Anchor of Africa 360 Jason Njoku | Nigeria Founder of iRoko TV Ferial Haffajee | South Africa Editor at City Press Lupita Nyongo | Kenya Academy Award Winning Actress
  14. 14. E-MAIL MARKETING STRATEGIES Isha Sesay Anchor for CNN International STARTUP ELITE
  15. 15. EVENT MARKETING E-MAIL INVITATIONS Bundling e-mail event invitations with an online event registration page, a trustworthy payment-processing system and a professional website can dramatically increase attendance. E-Mail Invitations are the most economical event marketing method and drive more attendance than any other marketing medium. Great emails include: - Professional Design - Eye-Catching Graphics - Effective Subject Line - Relevant Content STARTUP ELITE
  16. 16. E-MAIL MARKETING GOALS & OBJECTIVES STARTUP ELITE GOAL: INCREASE REVENUE FROM E-MAIL MARKETING OBJECTIVE #1: INCREASE E-MAIL SUBSCRIBER LIST - Optimize the websites design to prominently display subscription opportunities. - Implement features that ensure a simple yet effective e-mail signup process. - Create marketing copy and other content to entice website visitors to become e-mail subscribers. - Launch cross-promotional campaigns with industry organizations to strategically accelerate e-mail signups. OBJECTIVE #2: IMPROVE E-MAIL CONTENT MANAGEMENT - Create an editorial calendar that will determine content production requirements and financial projections. - Determine a predominantly value added content mix that keeps subscribers highly engaged yet fits within the content production capabilities. OBJECTIVE #3: MONETIZE E-MAIL MARKETING EFFORTS - Determine a pricing strategy and create multi-platform advertising/sponsorship packages. - Develop a database with contact information of pre-vetted potential advertisers. - Put together a sales strategy, training program and a remuneration plan before launching monitored sales activities.
  17. 17. POTENTIAL SPONSORS & ADVERTISERS STARTUP ELITE SAMPLE LIST OF POTENTIAL SPONSORS & ADVERTISERS Noah Syken | VP, Global Sponsorships & Client Executive Programs International Business Machines Corporation | Angie Tipton | Manager, Corporate Sponsorships Hewlett-Packard Company | Lisl Stanton | VP, Community Sponsorships JPMorgan Chase & Co. | Tina Davis | SVP, Corporate Sponsorships & Marketing Citigroup Inc. | Jaci Quincy | Manager, Sponsorships & Events United Parcel Service, Inc. | Tim Hadzima | SVP, Sponsorship Marketing, Global Bank of America Corporation | Steve Fox | Associate Director, Media & Sponsorships Verizon Communications Inc. | Brian Curran | Manager, Sponsorships & Special Events Hilton Worldwide, Inc. | Steve Pacheco | Director, Advertising & Sponsorship Marketing FedEx Corporation | Kathleen Watson | Senior Manager, Global Advertising, Media & Sponsorships Cisco Systems, Inc. | Daniel Pincus | Associate VP, Sponsorship & Promotions MetLife, Inc. | Leslie Berkshire | VP & Regional Manager, Marketing & Sponsorship U.S. Bancorp | Rich Lehrfeld | VP, Global Media, Sponsorship & Experiential Marketing American Express Company | Dick Soule | Head, Sales, Sponsorship & Media Programs Google Inc. | Note: This sample list has real contact information, please treat the information respectfully.
  19. 19. STRATEGIC MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS STARTUP ELITE VALUE OF STRATEGIC MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS - In a mutually beneficial partnership each entity can leverage the customers, followers and other contacts. - It can help spread the marketing workload and the combined marketing budget will allow for greater results. - The customers, followers and other contacts benefit from the expanded referral pool of trusted resources. COMMON MISTAKES IN STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP MARKETING - Focusing on quantity over quality. Ensure your partner has a good brand and reputation with shared core values. - Never putting anything in writing. Hold partners accountable by putting responsibilities and goals in writing. - Aiming too high. Work with partners slightly bigger than you and create quick wins that will build momentum. EXAMPLES OF STRATEGIC MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS - Using the partner as an ongoing source of content for social media and website. - Launching a cross promotional e-mail campaign focused on a specific target market. - Creating an united awareness/fundraising campaign that leverages the resources of both partners. - Designing, manufacturing, promoting and distributing co-branded merchandise. - Leveraging resources to create experiential event marketing initiatives.
  20. 20. STRATEGIC MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS STARTUP ELITE POTENTIAL STRATEGIC PARTNERS African Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Association of African Business Schools Pan African Community Association African Finance and Economic Association Eastern Africa Journalists Association National Association of African American Owned Media South African Association of Business Communities Africa Travel Association African Digital Currency Association African Association of International Law African Womens Cancer Awareness Association Africa Fashion & Art Week Note: In our initial research we have identified over 50 potential strategic marketing partners.
  21. 21. CAUSE MARKETING Nkosozana Dlamini-Zuma Chairperson of the African Union STARTUP ELITE
  22. 22. CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING STARTUP ELITE Cause Marketing allows for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations to collaborate for mutual benefit. To do this effectively you have to choose the right partners and be able to maximize the resources that each partner brings to the table. Ripple Africa Malawi Orphan Care Trust Fund Porridge and Rice Cameroon Association of Active Youths Uganda Rural Elderly Support Reading Hamlets Project Kesho Friends of Ket Wangi Orphanage Together 4 Africa SOS Children: Aids Africa Achieve in Africa The Mustard Seed Project The Ufosa Foundation http://www.ufosafo...


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