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  1. 1. Ebook series 2015
  2. 2. Key Stats and How do people useStrategies and Tactics What LinkedIn SuccessEtiquette tips and Recommended DemographicsSuccess Looks LikeGuidelines Tools LinkedIn? Before we go into details, heres a simple intro for those of you who may be new to this channel. LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally. It's different than other social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook because it's designed specifically for professional networking -- finding a job, discovering sales leads, connecting with potential business partners -- rather than simply finding friends or sharing photos, videos and music.
  3. 3. Key Stats & Demographics (Global) Total # of users: 350 million users Number of new LinkedIn members per second: 2 Geographical reach of LinkedIn 200 countries & territories 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day LinkedIn Age Demographic Number of Users Percentage of User Base 18-29 45 Million 15% 30-49 81 Million 27% 50-64 72 Million 24% 65+ 39 Million 13% One in three professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn 44% of members are female | 56% of members are male 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn | +3 million businesses have LinkedIn company pages
  4. 4. How do people use LinkedIn? LinkedIn can be used for so many different reasons. It can both benefit an individual or any kind of business. It just depends on eachs goals. LinkedIn is not only for individuals but it is also the better place for businesses, brands or companies. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for generating business to business leads, this signals that LinkedIn is one that can bring your business a number of opportunities and useful connections. If youre an individual, LinkedIn is the place to show your own professional background, skills, and expertise. It is basically your online resume and more. Through LinkedIn, you can connect to and be recommended by business employers, managers and colleagues, making your profile stronger and more credible. Either you can use your LinkedIn profile to find a job or for a job to find you.
  5. 5. Businesses use LinkedIn to get better leads With better conversion rate than Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn can help your business grow more. Your mileage may vary, but this certainly signals that LinkedIn is very useful when it comes to generating leads. Get more leads by: Keeping your company page up-to-date Using the products and services spotlight Soliciting recommendations for your products from your customers Building thought leadership Establishing yourself and your company/business as an authority in your niche will help build authority and trust among your previous, current and future customers. LinkedIn's different features can help brands stay up-to- date on users' professional networks, in addition to establishing a business presence and for sharing company news. How do businesses use LinkedIn?
  6. 6. Building Trust Build trust by not over-promoting your brand. Advocacy and word-of- mouth magic happen through positive engagement. When brands engage with customers, theyre building strong relationships based on respect and trust. Because of this, customers will "like" the brand and perhaps even love it thereby promoting it onto their own profiles. LinkedIn drives business value because it is based on a user's professional interests and background. Thus, this makes it an obvious and natural t for sharing brand-based updates, news, and info; as well as driving trac to company-focused websites. How do businesses use LinkedIn?
  7. 7. Strategies and tactics for SUCCESS for Individuals Personal use Complete your personal prole thoroughly and honestly. Nothing says amateur than an incomplete profile. A complete profile will help when contacting with others. Use professional photos. Your portrait should show professionalism and at the same time, your personality. Start with your warm market. Find your connections and reach out. Once in a while, call someone you haven't talked to recently and send them a note without needing anythingjust to say hi or share something interesting that you think they'll enjoy. Use your personal profile links such as Facebook or Twitter so people can find you and see your cooler side.
  8. 8. Strategies and tactics for SUCCESS for Individuals Participate in Groups Your personal authority and trust can be boosted, leading to new opportunities, leads, and connections. Participating in groups is a functionality only currently available to individuals. Since LinkedIn continues to become a place for people to share quality content, make sure to grab that chance by sharing not only relevant content but also high-quality ones.
  9. 9. First is always Complete your company profile and keep it up-to-date. If you change your structure or have company news to share, be sure you're updating your company page on LinkedIn; this will update in your followers' newsfeeds. Make updating your LinkedIn page part of the compliance process when fundamental updates occur at your company, as LinkedIn is often a source of truth for individuals doing research. Make sure to respond to your posts, reviews, and questions. If a user leaves a product review, thank them. If they have a complaint, address it. Answer questions and oer advice and assistance. Strategies and tactics for SUCCESS for Businesses
  10. 10. Show Personality LinkedIn can be an amazing source of competitive intelligence for your business. Follow your competitors' pages and watch for their news, updates, and employee changes. Certain exits and job openings can provide insight into strategic direction. Secure your companys customized URL so people can easily find you. Have all your employees follow your company and encourage engagement. Give your business page personality and use it to showcase who and what you are. Use all the features that LinkedIn offers like adding in a video, tell a story, and just give your audience a truthful idea of who you are, what you do for them and how you are helping them. Also try asking them what they want to tell you. Strategies and tactics for SUCCESS for Businesses
  11. 11. LinkedInevolved from being the go-to for job seekers to the perfect place for sharing valuable content to customers. Coca-Cola: "LinkedIn is a huge traffic driver for us," explains Journey Co-Managing Editor Jay Moye. "That's obviously a different audience. It's a professional audience. It's professional social network versus more of a social network. We see great clickthrough rates on story links that we publish on LinkedIn. The percentage of clickthroughs is markedly higher than it is on Facebook, and to a degree, Twitter.". IBM: With more than 2 million followers, IBM has surely attracted a lot of followers through using valuable content thereby generating engagement and interaction among its audience. What LinkedIn Success Looks Like
  12. 12. Hewlett Packard: HP is the perfect example of doing LinkedIn right. HPs posts consistently attracted their followers plus its Career tab was populated with chock- full of videos and testimonials from its employees building a reputation that is so true. LOreal LOreals not only making sure to be on top of the cosmetics era but also one of the best in LinkedIn. What LinkedIn Success Looks Like
  13. 13. Etiquette Tips and Guidelines @commentersname While LinkedIn has no smart user alerts, using the @name when responding to comments on your Page or in Groups is a good practice to keep conversation ow coherent and directed. However, LinkedIn did recently start doing an activity alert; instead of just emails, it now tells people when conversations that they've been part of are updated. Fix broken windows You want to make sure to clean any spam from your LinkedIn Groups. Membersespecially those who need new jobs or other types of promotionsometimes have a problem telling spam and low-quality postings from what you need to engage and grow your community. Be gentle and empathic, but make sure to have rules for your group which you can cite when moderating comments.
  14. 14. Etiquette Tips and Guidelines Avoid the invite frenzy Keep your invites to a minimum. Try to get as many relevant connections as you can. Invite those profiles you think would really help you with your goals or those people who you get inspiration from. Just dont get a lot of fishes just because theyre readily available. Write a letter The person you idolize or the person who you wish to partner with may both be on LinkedIn. If so, email them with a personally written letter telling them your reason why you are approaching them. Be honest, true and dont ever sell.
  15. 15. Sharing content Not all your content needs to be shared on LinkedIn, as what you share here can very easily reect on your professional reputation or make you look self-absorbed. Avoid tools that automatically posts to other platforms cause the effect might not be rewarding. Above all, be conscious and aware of what you're sharing, and try not to share too muchsince connections are so important, LinkedIn is one place where you really don't want to be hidden from people's feeds. Discussions There are ways to view LinkedIn Group activity in "Discussions" under "Choose Your View: Latest Discussions" and "What's Happening." "What's Happening" shows the discussions with the most recent activity, so you can keep tabs on current conversations. "Latest Discussions" shows the most recently posted discussions. Etiquette Tips and Guidelines
  16. 16. Be real Its easily seen if you are wearing a faade in your LinkedIn profile or in the discussions you join in. Always be yourself and make your actions genuine. When you want to connect