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  • 1. Linked Recruitment Strategic Partners & Joint Ventures LinkedIns Candidate Database Is The MostImportant Recruitment Breakthrough This Century.
  • 2. Facts That Affect Your Future In Recruitment1. 73% of LinkedIn Candidates Want A Career Change2. Only 15% Are Actively Seeking One3. Are You Or Are Your Competition Going To Capitalize On The 58%?4. 6 Million Of UKs Most Skilled Candidates Are on LinkedIn Increasing To A Saturation Point Of 12 Million Candidates
  • 3. Facts That Affect Your Future In Recruitment6. Less Than 1% LinkedIn Profiles Are Optimized7. LinkedIn Is The UKs Largest Candidate Database8. Hiring Managers Increasingly Look To LinkedIn In Reference To Candidate Capability9. The Recruitment Industry Is Getting More Competitive . The Industry Turned over 19.7 billion In 2010 Compared to This 22.5 billion In 2009. Represents A 12.4 Per Cent Decrease In Overall Turnover!
  • 4. What Is The Candidate Blueprint?
  • 5. 10 Point Strategic Profile Optimisation Strategy Profile Optimisation Framework Keyword Conversion Group Strategies Career Branding Strategy Strategy Profile Connection Rate Be Found on LinkedIn Signal Optimisation Strategy Google Build a Network Twitter 500+ Strategies
  • 6. A Case Study Candidate 11. LinkedIn Basic Profile2. Sends CV To You3. LinkedIn Profile Is A Summary Of His CV4. He
  • 7. A Case Study Candidate 21. Keyword Optimised Profile2. Researched Your Client3. Contacted Former Employees From Hiring Department4. Identified Top 10 Challenges To That Department5. Founded Groups In LinkedIn That Create Solutions To These Challenges Company Employees Of
  • 8. A Case Study Continued Candidate 26. Created A Personal Brand That Matches The Role Requirements7. Is Connected To Decision Makers In That Field8. Is Listed In Google When Hiring Company Search For Skill Set Relevant To Their Position9. His CV State These Powerful Relevant
  • 9. A Case Study Continued Candidate although he may not have the exact experience. He can create Authority, Credibility and virtually Guarantee an interview with one of our
  • 10. What Is The Benefit To Your Candidate?
  • 11.
  • 12. What Is The Benefit To You?
  • 13. Whats In It For You 1. Your Candidates Will Be Positioned As An Authority Within Their Recruitment Sector Gaining Visibility And Credibility 2. In The Process Portraying Your Recruitment Agency To Have A Higher Source Of Professional Candidates, Attracting Employing Clients 3. Improve Your Chances Of Getting Your Candidates
  • 14. Whats In It For You 4. Youll Be Seen As A Value To Your Candidates, Consequently A Trusted Advisor 5. You Will Be Generating A Healthy Passive Income 6. You Will Receive Up To 73.50 Per Candidate Who Invest The Candidate Framework Accelerating Their Success
  • 15. The
  • 16. Strategic Partner Program Profits As A Chosen Strategic Partner - What You Can Expect RRP 147 Your Commission of 10%-50% = up to 73.50 per sale 1000 database x 3% Conversion Rate x 73.50 = 220510,000 database x 3% Conversion Rate x 73.50 = 22,20520,000 database x 3% Conversion Rate x 73.50 = 44,410 All Transactions Are Completed Via 3rd Party Affiliate System Which You Can Track With A Click Of A
  • 17. We Use The World Leader In Affiliate Ecommerce
  • 18. Candidate Strategic Partner Program This Is Where The Fun Begins And This Is Where We Can Start Working Together To Earn More, Achieve More, And Get More 1. You Send Out An Email Promoting LinkedIn Leaders Candidate Framework Packages 2. You Earn Up To 50% Of All Packages Sold 3. It Is As Easy And Stress Free As
  • 19. Partner Options 1. Joint Venture 2. Licensing Agreement 3. One Year
  • 20. What Are LinkedIn Leaders Looking 1. For? No More Than 56 Strategic Partners 2. Partners Must Have A Solid And Approved Reputation With Your Candidates 3. You Must Have A Healthy And Responsive Database 4. You Must Be Action
  • 21. So..... If You Have A Responsive Candidate Database, If You Understand The Importance To Your Candidate And Your Company Of Them Having A Fully Optimized Strategic Profile, If You Want To Create A Passive Income And Qualify Our Criteria Contact Andy or Rachel TODAY On 0151 2291786 Or E-mail Andy -