LinkedIn - Professional Branding Tips

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Part of building your professional brand for effective social selling with LinkedIn is knowing how to leverage your network. Even if you're not in sales, these tips for using LinkedIn will help you build your personal brand and professional brand.

Text of LinkedIn - Professional Branding Tips

  • You are the CEO of 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. 1
  • Great brands convey an emotional response. 2
  • This is a real brand but not how I want to be thought of. 3
  • Visibility creates opportunities.
  • How are you leveraging 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. 5
  • Its not the size of your network, but how you use it. 6
  • Use your status updates to engage your network 166 likes 12 comments 67 shares 7
  • Use your status updates to promote your network 8
  • Use your status updates to promote your company Press Blogs Content 9
  • Use your status updates to inform your network Industry news Relevant content 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. 10
  • Your network is your business. Who you know IS more Important than WHAT You know
  • Proficiency in social media is a differentiator now, but will soon be a qualifier.