Little known ways to engage your learners

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Listen and watch Content Development experts Deborah Limb and Lindsey Coode as they show you 'Little known ways to engage your learners' on this Learning Pool webinar. It's bursting with engagement tips that will leave you feeling energised and primed to look at your learning in a different light.

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  • 1.Little known ways to keep your learners engaged Lindsey Coode Deborah Limb Content Development Manager Chief Operating Officer

2. What is engagement? Occupy or attract (someones interest or attention) (engage with) Establish a meaningful contact or connection with Oxford Dictionaries Wikipedia An "engaged employee" is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organization's reputation and interests. What do we mean by engagement? 3. Your overall e-learning strategy Management buy-in and active support E-learning champions Launch & Marketing Drop in sessions (ongoing) Think about hard to reach groups Consider single sign-on Give learners a reason to visit the LMS! Getting people to your e-learning 4. Hints and tips to engage your learners What we will cover 5. Bob Hi, Im Bob and Ive been designing e-learning for 15 years. I know everything there is to know about e-learning design! I love e-learning, its a quick easy way to get information out to people and it can be great fun! Sue Hi, Im Sue and I hate e-learning. My company seem to love it so almost every week we get told there is a new course we have to do and generally they are so dull I struggle to make it all the way through. Mary Hi, Im Mary and I work in HR. Weve produced some great e-learning recently but Im finding that people are really reluctant to do it and its getting really frustrating. Im sure if they just gave it a go theyd realise it can be just as good, or even better, than heading into the classroom. 6. Tip 1 Grab their attention! 7. Tip 2 Get them to think 8. Tip 3 Only tell them what they really, really need to know 9. Tip 4 Frequent knowledge checks 10. Tip 5 Tell stories 11. Tip 6 Summarise well and point to other sources of information 12. Tip 7 Use formative assessment to personalise learning 13. Tip 8 Deliver responsive e-learning 14. Responsive web Design: Adapt 15. Tip 9 Think REALLY hard about the right blend 16. Encore 17. Tip 10 ? 18. What are you going to do differently? 19. 1.Short survey when the Learning Hour closes 2.A link to a recording of this webinar will be hitting your inbox 3.Continue the conversation on or email for further details. Thank you