Loans for Small Business Owners

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If I Gave You $40K., How would You Use it To Grow Your Business

G Green Apple Funding Group (800)546-7921

Atten Small Business Owners:

If I Gave You $40K.,

How would you use it to Grow Your Business. Would you Invest into .,

Business ExpansionInventory MarketingLeasing EquipmentPay off Past Due Debts

How would you like to have Direct access to Working Capital

Funds $10,000 to $500,000Funds in Your Account in as Little as 8 Business Days Requirements:

Have you been in business for at least 6 months?

Does your business generate a minimum of $15K a Month?If Yes .,

You Have a 95% Approval RatingFunding ProgramsLeasing Equipment Loans

Lease Back LoansBusiness Loans for Bad Credit as Low as 500 ScoresBusiness Line of CreditSBA Alternative/ Micro Business Loans

Easy Approval Process

One Page Application

No Upfront Fees

No Tax Returns Required

No Business Plan Required

(800)546-7921No Collateral Required

No Credit Card Processing Required

(800)546-7921We understand the Day to Day challenges of Small Business Owners

Green Apple Funding Group(800)546-7921We will tailor a funding program specific for your Business needs.

Green Apple Funding Group(800)546-7921Your Success Is Our Success

Call today for a Free, No Obligation Loan Consultation.


Speak to A Person Not A Website

(800)546-7921 We look forward to servicing you