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2. MAKE MONEY MAKE MONEY ONLINE How do we make money? Money does not grow on the trees. There are no such things as : Free money Easy Money Instant Money Make money needs time, hard work and smart work.MAKE MONEY - MAKE MONEY ONLINE 3. Make money Make money online Goal and Objective Make money goal should be specific, make 1000 USD per month and then double it every month at 6 months from now.Be a millionaire in 2 years or less.Buy a new expensive sports car by Christmas. Make money objective : Do you have a make money plan?How will money find you?No luck is not an option.Neither is wishful thinking or day- dreaming. Work your plan plan your work.Write down now not later your goal and plan about how to MAKE MONEY - MAKE MONEY ONLINE 4. Make money -Todays Situation.Are you making any money on the internet? If you are making money online, good for you.Try to increase it.If not then what are the main obstacles? Inactivity and inertia.Waiting for a jackpot or the rich uncle pass away? Day-dreaming.Want to be rich but do not know how. Do not know anything about starting an internet business.Also nothing about internet internet and search engine optimization. Have MAKE MONEY ONLINE of get rich scams. MAKE MONEY - had enough 5. MAKE MONEY EVALUATION How Do we make money after all? Any magic secret? Internet marketing is the magic key to the question how do we make money make money online. Learn internet marketing and marketing about how to promote any product, service or goods.The easiest way is to join an affiliate program such the WEB MONEY BUSINESS , We provide a free internet income internet marketing course. MAKE MONEY - MAKE MONEY ONLINE 6. Make money Options Make NO money!No money on the internet. Make no money by buying all the get rich doing nothing money schemes that cost a few bucks and promise the holy grail in making money!Who rational man on earth believes it? Make money with a detailed focused strategy.No illusions.No misrepresentations.No hype.No promises.Just the truth.MAKE MONEY - MAKE MONEY ONLINE 7. Make money Recommendation Be realistic.Set and write down your goals.Let them be optimistic but allow for time.Plenty of time.Millions are not made overnight.Not even thousands of dollars. Decide that you will devote time, energy and some money on making money.Make money should be treated like a real business. A good starting point is to join an affiliate program , and apply the techniques you will learn in your free MAKE MONEY - MAKE MONEY ONLINE 8. Make money resources Internet money, Internet income, Web money business, Money blog , Internet business blog , http://www.theinternetbusinessblog.comMAKE MONEY - MAKE MONEY ONLINE


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