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Maximizing Social Media Monitoring-November 2009

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A brief presentation about social media monitoring, talking about free and paid/comprehensive monitoring tools, way to evaluate and set ROI for monitoring, and how monitoring can be effective for marketing communications.

Text of Maximizing Social Media Monitoring-November 2009

  • 1. MaximizingSocial Media Monitoring
    How to effectively usesocial media monitoringin marketing communications

2. Maximizing Social Media Monitoring
What if you dont
Social Media Marketing
3. Foundation
Do you have comment cards available for customers & prospects?
Do you have a customer service department or person?
Do you have your company name in Google News Alerts or have a paid clipping service for news releases and such?
Have you ever conducted a focus group or other similar market research?
4. Foundation
Social media monitoring is part of the foundation for any effective marketing communications offline and online
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5. What if you dont?
New York Times, 04/16/2009
6. Monitoring
Countless free options fewer paid options
7. Monitoring
No matter which you choose, theres a price.
Price is your time.
Whats that worth?
Paid / Comprehensive
$$ --but saves you gathering
& analysis time.
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8. Monitoring Free
9. Monitoring Comprehensive
All results one place for easier analysis
10. Evaluation
Many ways best way is to base on objectives
Key branding points mentioned?
Overall positive or negative references?
Media response to proactive efforts?
Website traffic increasing or other action (requires site traffic monitoring)?
Measure success of PR & social media marketing efforts (coverage from active & passive means)
11. Evaluation
Key branding points mentioned?
12. Evaluation
Overall positive or negative references?
13. Evaluation
Media response to proactive efforts?
14. Evaluation
Other ways to measure social media

  • Content Emotions

15. How others categorize you 16. Geography

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