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  • 1. Merritt Paulson
    • Owner & Current President Of The Portland Timbers

2. Interview Information

  • Interviewed 11/4/11@ Jeld-Wen Field 3:15 PM PST
  • Merritt Paulson, Owner and President of the Portland Timbers was interviewed by Oliver Maroney at the date and time listed above.

3. Background Information

  • Son of Henry Paulson, former chairman and chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs and 74th United States Secretary of Treasury.
  • Majority owner of Peregrine Sports, LLC.
  • Purchased Portland Timbers/Portland Beavers in 2007
  • Former Senior Director Of Marketing & Business Development For National Basketball Association

4. Why I chose Merritt Paulson

  • Merritt is someone I have always looked up to.
  • Also because of my passion for soccer.

5. Early Life (Before College)

  • Merritt was grown up in a wealthy family.
  • His father was a major executive of Goldman Sachs.
  • Before sports came along, Merritt loved the outdoors.

HENRY PAULSON 6. College Life

  • Graduated Hamilton College in 1995
  • Earned Masters atHarvard in 2000
  • College made him understand what he had a true passion for and what he wanted out of life

7. His First Job

  • A senior marketing director at the National Basketball Association.

8. His ownership

  • Began owning the Timbers/Beavers in 2007.
  • $15 Million Dollar Purchase

9. What does he do?

  • He is the president and owner of the Portland Timbers.
    • Marketing
    • Oversees Players/Coaches
    • Sponsors/Deals

10. Merritts effect on the Community

  • Helps a lot in the community
  • Creates Jobs
  • Donates Large sums of money around Oregon for various causes
    • Wildlife Conservation
    • Field Projects
    • Local Schools

11. His Father

  • Merritt Paulsons father was a massive influence on him. He said He was always there for me and was a great source of advice in business and with my current job.
  • TIME magazines runner-up for Person Of The Year
  • Henry Paulsons Net Worth is $700 million.
  • He admits his father was his inspiration and role model.

12. His Advice

  • The most important thing that you can do in life is to enjoy what you are doing. In order to do that, you must find something you are truly passionate about and you must be ready to change your path with your passion.
  • You need to make connections throughout life.

13. M.L.S. Soccer for Portland

  • Merritt instigated the Portland Timbers as an MLS (Major League Soccer) Team in 2009.
  • Created marketing buzz
    • Had 1st jersey Runway Project
    • adidas sponsorship

14. What I Have Learned

  • I learned that education is a crucial part in creating connections between people.
  • Your Parents are a huge part of your life
  • It is not as easy as everyone says it is

15. My Ratings

  • I believe I am pretty good with interviewing others. I asked the questions I felt were necessary and because of how many interviews Ive been in I feel I understand how to ask questions well.
  • I couldve probably thought out some more questions and maybe a better time for the interview wouldve given me more time with Merritt. He only had about 35 minutes of his time because he had a conference call.