MLSP - The 10 Daily Steps To Fire Your Boss

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Get Leads, Get Paid with MLSP and fire your Boss. Learn here how...


  • 1. MLSP MLSP - The 10 Daily Steps To Fire Your Boss! by Pedro de Lemos MyLeadSystemPro, also known as MLSP, is renewing their backoffice with some valuable training. Im still excited to use this attraction marketing system and to be able to connect with other online MLM marketers as well. Since a few days we have 10 simple steps to use in a daily basis. When I read theseguideline I thought that I have to share it with you. It is full of value and I thinkthat you too can make more money with it...These 10 steps involves everything you need to do, so that you can succeedin your business. Top Earners have a daily routine. Do you think that you dontneed it too? Learn what TOP Earners do.You have to take action, learn marketing strategies, training, personaldevelopment.... To put all this on a step-by-step guide is not for everyoneeasy. So here it is. The only thing that you have to do now is to use it everydayfor the next 90 days. Are you ready to take the challenge?MLSP - The 10 Daily Steps To Fire Your BossMLSP has put together the 10 most important steps. Dont wait for tomorrow.Start now!1. CONNECT WITH AT LEAST 3-5 NEW QUALITY NETWORKMARKETERS. Every day on Facebook and simply ask them how their leadgeneration is going...2. CONNECT WITH AT LEAST 3-5 QUALITY PEOPLE IN YOUR EXISTINGNETWORK and simply ask them how their lead generation is going...3. CALL YOUR LEADS! You have to pick up the phone (or Skype) and talk toyour leads.4. BECOME A MASTER MARKETER AND GO GET LEADS. Spend everyday at least 30 minutes learning something new about "how to generate leadsonline".5. SPEND 30 MINUTES PER DAY FOR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ANDMINDSET TRAINING6. ATTEND ALL THE LIVE WEBINARS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK
  • 2. 7. INVITE YOUR CONTACTS VIA FACEBOOK AND E-MAIL TO OURINDUSTRY-WIDE FREE WEDNESDAY MLSP WEBINARS8. MEET YOUR NEW INNER-CIRCLE OF LIKE-MINDEDENTREPRENEURS. Create your own mastermind group or connect with theMLSP group on Facebook.9. REVIEW DAILY YOUR PRINTED-OUT MLSP BEGINNERS MARKETINGGUIDE. Mark in your calender when you will operate your business and whatexactly you will do.10. ATTEND AT LEAST ONE LIVE NETWORKING EVENT EVERY OTHERWEEK. It can be an online or offline presentation or training. Networkmarketing is and always will be, a relationship business. People follow peopleand not products or companies.Even if you dont use MLSP you can pick up some steps and use it on a dailybasis for your business.Your Friend & PartnerPedro de Lemos