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  • 1. Data extract from following Research company
  • 2. 0.00100,000.00200,000.00300,000.00400,000.00500,000.00600,000.00700,000.002011 Units2010 Units
  • 3. 153617744006000200400600800100012001400160018002000(in million) (in million)2010 2011
  • 4. Worldwide Smartphone market, by operating system,-2011Operating SystemShipments 2011 Market share2011Annual growth(millions) Q411/Q410Android 237.7 48.80% 244%iOS 93.1 19.10% 96%Symbian 80.1 16.40% -29.10%BlackBerry 51.4 10.50% 5.00%Bada 13.2 2.70% 183.10%Windows Phone 6.8 1.40% -43.30%Others 5.4 1.10% 14.40%
  • 5. Android49%iOS19%Symbian16%BlackBerry11%Bada3%WindowsPhone1%Others1%
  • 6. 020000040000060000080000010000001200000Android Apple BB Windows TotalY-2008Y-2009Y-2010Y-2011Y-2012
  • 7. 010203040506070Y-2008 Y-2009 Y-2010 Y-2011 Y-2012 Y-2014Download (in Billion)
  • 8. 0102030405060Y-2008 Y-2009 Y-2010 Y-2011 Y-2012 Y-2015 Y-2016Revenue (in Billion)Major 4 Player (in Billion)
  • 9. Components Components supplierDeviceEx- HTC,BB,iPhoneManufacturerEx- Apple, HTCOperating SystemEx- Apple iOS, Android, Nokia SymbianOS DeveloperEx- Nokia,Google AppleMobile Application Any Software Company orFree lancerDistribution PlatformEx- Apple, Google, Getjar, T-MobileAny CompanyUser User
  • 10. Components Components supplier Bangladesh ContextDeviceEx- HTC,BB,iPhoneManufacturerEx- Apple, HTCNot PossibleOperating SystemEx- Apple iOS, Android,Nokia SymbianOS DeveloperEx- Nokia,Google AppleNot Possible Samsung itself introuble to stand their BADAos.Mobile Application Any Software Company orFree lancerPossible High Investment &require timeDistribution PlatformEx- Apple, Google,Getjar, T-MobileAny Company Possible Good opportunityUser User Distributed platform (web)never limited to Local user
  • 11. Web Store TypeSamsung Apps Device ManufacturerLG Smart World Device ManufacturerMotorola Shop4Apps Device ManufacturerDell Mobile App Store Device ManufacturerDocomo Market Device ManufacturerVerizon App Store Operator/Carrier App StoresVodafone AppSelect Operator/Carrier App StoresT-Mobile Mall Operator/Carrier App StoresMaxis 1Store Operator/Carrier App StoresApple Store Device Manufacturer Hardware & OSGoogle Play OS DeveloperBB Application store Device Manufacturer Hardware & OSNokia Store Device Manufacturer Hardware & OS
  • 12. Web Store TypeOpenAppMkt Third party (Cross Platform)GetJar Third party (Cross Platform)Handmark Third party (Cross Platform)Handster Third party (Cross Platform)Mobango Third party (Cross Platform)Opera Mobile App Store Third party (Cross Platform)AppsLib Third party (Android)SlideMe Third party (Android)1Mobile Third party (Android)Camangi * Third party (Android)Amazon Appstore Third party (Android)Cydia* Third party (iOS)PremierAppShop Third party (iOS)CrackBerry Store Third party (BB)BBNation Third party (BB)
  • 13. WEB StoreType RevenueCostingCharges toDeveloperEarning fromper userpaymentApple StoreOS US$ 99Per year30% SiteMaintenanceAndroid- GooglePlaystoreOS Free-Distribution feeUS$25 one time30% SiteMaintenanceGetjarCrossPlatformNo 20-30% SiteMaintenanceMobile OperatorOperator No 20-30% SiteMaintenance
  • 14. CostingComponentsDetails Tentative amount TypeWeb SitePreparationTotal site Preparation US$ 20-25K(One time)Costing Components Details Tentative amount TypeAMC Web Site MaintenanceFeeUS$ 1-2 K /pm OpExDevelopment Tools Tools may need tosupply to developersUS$ 1K* /pm OpExMarketing Paper &mediaMust need to informlocal mediaUS$ 5K /pm OpexMarketing - Internet SEO/SMM will start afterafter local is successfulUS$ 2K* /pm OpexQA Product Quality Check US$ 1K* /pm Opex
  • 15. StepsWork Description TimeDays1 Prepare aTeamHighly skilled team required to implement this projectIf all the below is out sourced then 2-3 person is enough72 Receive &PaymentMechanismA. Credit Card integration now available Tk3000 permonth through SSLB. Payment through operator (Need to discuss withoperator)C. Paypal & other store integration (For user outside BD)20*2 Prepare theWeb StoreA. Web Site hosting (not in BD)B. Site Masking (Can be developed by Local company)C. Different of Application development - that will beused to download applicationD. Integrate all payment mechanism in Web siteE. Developer registration45*3 Marketing DevelopersLocalA. All the universities (Continuous process)B. Bring all the Free LancerC. Bring all the small companies develop application forweb store (Near about 50+ companies)Cont.
  • 16. Steps Work Description TimeDays4 Marketing LocalOperatorA. Bring all operator in a umbrellaB. Campaign accordinglyCont.5 Marketing InternationalA. Make sure international paymentis ensuredB. Invite all exiting players whoupload software to major webstoreCont.6 Marketing SEO / SMMA. Engage third party for SEO/SMM Contd.
  • 17. EarningComponentsDetails Pricing Method AmountProduct Earning(Revenue Share)After 6-8 month - 100 product popular- 1000 per productpaid downloadLocal ProductDownload100000 (All operator)BDT 24 LacBDT 6 LacAdvertisement -1 On Site Ad 20 It Depends oncompany and durationFor moreprecaution thisamount is takeinto accountwhich will bearound US$20-30KAdvertisement -2 Through Google Depends on ppcAdvertisement -3 In Product Add(which is free)Depends onnegotiation withcompany &developerHosting Product Hostingcharge (local)Depends on number ofApplication
  • 18. Sl Clause Description1 Revenue share 70-30 for International distribution (US$ 0.99Ifmore developer/company come we can reduce therate 80-20 more people/developer will come)40-60* for Local Distribution (Tk.10 per product/Per Month fee)2 Hosting Cost Initially we offer free for 3 months (local) & full freefor international product offer .. developers have topay Tk.10 per local product to keep in store, may behigher for companies3 Marketing cost Once we are established we can charge somemarketing cost4 Advertisement In App Advertisement, 40-60 or 20-80
  • 19. Steps Work Description TimeDays1 Site Notice Notice serve to site 45 days before theclosure2 Stop Receive/paymentA. Stop all receive procedure (New sale)B. Clear all pending payments15