Motivating workers

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Motivating Workers

Motivating WorkersRowan E WagnerBusiness StudiesBaku Oxford SchoolWHY WORK?MoneyTo pay for necessities and some luxuriesSecurity A sense of security, i.e. knowing that your job and pay are safe you are not likely to loss your jobSocial needs (affiliation)Feeling part of a group ororganisation, meeting people,making friends at workEsteem needs (self-importance)Feeling important, feeling that the job you do is importantJob satisfactionEnjoyment is derived from feeling that you have done a good job MOTIVATION Is the reason why employees want to work hard and work effectively for the business

F.W Taylor



Methods of Financial RewardMETHODS OF PAYMENTperformance-related paycommission bonus wagespiece ratetime rateprofit sharing share ownershipsalariesNon-financial Rewards/MotivatorsSometimes called perks or fringe benefits Company vehicle (car)Discounts on the firms productsHealth care paid forChildrens education fees paidFree accommodationExpense accounts (for food and clothing)PensionsFree trips abroad/holidaysJob SatisfactionIs the enjoyment derived from feeling that you have done a good job.

Job RotationInvolves workers swapping round and doing each specific task for only a limited time and then changing round again.

Job Enlargement/Enrichment

Summary: Motivating Factors at all LevelsHolidaysPrestige and recognitionChance to use creativityChance to take responsibility IndependenceChance for promotionTasks which provides a sense of achievementFringe benefitsReasonable level of payClean and safe environmentJob securityWorking with colleagues who are friendlyInteresting and simulating tasks