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Music and the (real) world: thirty years of mtv Shanta Mishra Btech-MBA

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  • 1. Music and the (real) world: thirty years of mtv Shanta Mishra Btech-MBA

2. About MTV It is a division of Viacom Broadcasting in more than 170 countries in 32 languages 136 distinct Mtv channels and 230 web sites It is more widely viewed than any other global network Target basically youth(14-35yr) 3. History It is originally created as basic cable channel dedicated to music in US It first went international in 1987 with launching of MTV Europe. They decided to target youth of age between 15-34 which is about 1 out of 4 people around the world 4. Branded television channels in the Asia Pacific region 5. Initially, it aired only American programs with English speaking VJ s throughout the Europe. But, surprisingly their tastes were mainly Local except for a handful of global superstars like Madonna and Michael Jackson. Each country has its own unique and favourite music scenes and songs. People would love to hear these more than adapt to foreign music. MTV initially failed to understand this fact which make his market share low. 6. Encourage regarding safe sex to fight the spread of AIDS. Launch of Choose or Loose voting campaign to encourage voting among youngsters. Free Your Mind campaign to target racial discrimination. BY ADOPTING LOCALIZATION STRATEGY. Use of Digital and Satellite technology of transmission of localized programs greatly saved lot of time and effort. 7. They instead of exporting US programs, developed programs according to culture of India. Localization worked well. Latest strategy is to develop uniform programming that sells in multiple country to get economies of scale. Mtv and vh1 had launched a program in I-pad tablet forms also. Also presented himself on network online with best TJ(launched posted to track local artist program) 8. After flourished in US, Brazil, and UK Mtv struggled to find niche in Asia specially in India. They want to target 470 million people between ages 10 and 34. Economic Liberalization made it easy to enter foreign business in India THINK GLOBALY AND LOCALY AND ACT ACORDINGLY 9. MTV captured about 70% of its European Advertising revenue. Similar trends are evident elsewhere in the world. Phenomenal increase in MTV viewership across the countries. By 2004, 400 million household viewership, in 166 countries. 10. As part of the deal, MTV Networks will also sell episodes of its programs through Google Video, as it does via AOL and iTunes Piracy Many streaming sites like You tube Mtv smut peddlers, targeting kid with sex, alcohol, drugs 11. Launching of shows like Beavis and Butt Head & The Real World which was criticized by all. English speaking host. Basically deal with Hollywood music. Create blunder by saying that bollywood music was no cool enough for teen market. So MTV rating suffered. 12. Late 1990 MTV opted for more localized approach and began adapting its programming Launched MTV India based Mumbai. Include more bollywood music Host began to speak both English an Hindi dubbed HINGLISH. Organized Cricket matches and fashion shows. 13. Q 1. What did MTV stand for new landscape? Q 2. Would the new demo still wants its MTV? Q 3. Could MTV still reflect a global youth experience or should it instead produce it? Q 4. Could be a taste maker and agent of change in the new world or was it better off as a mirror?