Music Solution For 3G Mobile Phone

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  • 1. a leading semiconductor solution companyLinux 79x SolutionNOV. 01, 2008TelechipsSystem Development Group #4

2. Linux Solution Structure2 3. Develop Environment JTAG TelechipsEthernet TCC7901USBWinCE/Linux Evaluation Board UART Linux Kernel 2.6.24 Tool-chain ARM GCC 4.1.1 for EAIB Busy-box version: 1.4.2 RAM Disk 8MByte include EAIB Libraries JTAG : JTAG Debugger ( Trace-32 or Open ICE) Ethernet : NFS (Network File System) USB : tcBoot and Linux Image Download to NAND UART : Consol Interface3 4. BSP Development StatusB.S.P Description StatusBoot LoadertcBoot including FWDN support Done Kernel Kernel 2.6.24-2 (Support EAIB)Done Root File System Ext3DoneDevice Driver NAND : Telechips FTL with Block Device DriverDoneSDIO Host InterfaceDoneSD/MMC Storage DoneSound : ALSA Full Duplex DoneDisplay : 480x272 RGB 24 bits with Frame BufferDoneTouch Input : TI TSC2003 or AKM AK8635 DoneUSB 2.0 Device Interface DoneUSB 1.1 Host Interface DoneEthernet Driver : CS8900ADoneUART Interface DoneSPI InterfaceDoneWiFi Driver OEM DriverGPS Driver(TCC3310)Not FixedCamera Interface Driver : Video for LinuxDoneTV Out Driver End of NOV4 5. CODEC Development StatusCODECDescriptionStatus Audio CodecMP3 Dec OpenMAX IL Audio Component Done MP3 Enc OpenMAX IL Audio Component Done WMA Dec OpenMAX IL Audio Component Done WMA Enc OpenMAX IL Audio Component DoneEAAC+ DecOpenMAX IL Audio Component DoneOGGOpenMAX IL Audio Component Done AC3 OpenMAX IL Audio Component Done WAV Dec OpenMAX IL Audio Component DoneBASC OpenMAX IL Audio Component DoneD.E.QOpenMAX IL Audio Component End of NOV APE OpenMAX IL Audio Component DoneFLAC OpenMAX IL Audio Component Done MP2 OpenMAX IL Audio Component Done RAOpenMAX IL Audio Component End of NOVAudio Player Block Diagram Audio Player ApplicationOpenMAX IL Audio Decoder Component Volume ComponentALSA ComponentAudioALSA File File Sound Parser Decoder D.E.Q SYNC Reader 5 6. CODEC Development Status CODEC Description Status Video Codec MPEG-4D1(720x480) 30fs ASP 6.0Mbps @ 498/166 WQVGA LCD Done WMV9 VGA(640x480) 30fs SP 1.0Mbps @ 498/166 WQVGA LCD Done H.264VGA(640x480) 30fs SP 1.5Mbps @ 498/166 WQVGA LCD Done MPEG-1/2D1(720x480) 30fs MP 15Mbps @ 498/166 WQVGA LCDDoneRV VGA(640x480) 30fs RV8,9,10 @498/166 WQVGA LCD End of NOVImage CodecJPEG DecJPEG DecDone JPEG EncJPEG EncEnd of NOVFile Formatter AVI Done ASF Done MP4 DoneMPGEnd of NOVRMVB End of NOVVideo Player Block Diagram Video Player ApplicationOpenMAX IL VideoAudio DecVolumeALSA Sink ALSA Component ComponentComponent Sound VideoParserClock FileComponent ComponentVideo DecFrame Sink LCD ComponentComponent Driver 6 7. Digital TV Development StatusDigital TV Description StatusDVB-T Tuner Dibcom 7070M/P and 9080 End of DEC ScanSupported End of DEC A/V PlaySupported End of DECEPGSupported End of DEC Tele-Text SupportedNot FixedCaptionSupported End of DECRecord .mpg (MPEG-2 + MP2) End of JANOthers Multilingual, RatingEnd of DECISDB-T (OneSeg)TunerSharpe 5JZ9910End of NOV ScanSupported End of NOV A/V PlaySupported End of NOV EPG Supported End of NOV Caption Supported End of NOVOthers MultilingualEnd of NOVOthers CMMB Not FixedSBTVDNot FixedDVB-HNot FixedT-DMBNot Fixed 7 8. Application Development StatusApplication DescriptionStatus Main Shell Sample ApplicationDone File BrowserSample ApplicationDone Audio PlayerSample ApplicationDone Video PlayerSample ApplicationDone Photo ViewerSample ApplicationDoneAudio Recorder Sample ApplicationDone Digital TVSample ApplicationEnd of NOV Bluetooth Application Sample ApplicationEnd of DEC Screen Capture of ApplicationsMutimedia Work Internet Settings Track name 000 Photo blog1Fi l eD rectory i Fi l e Fi l eFi l e Fi l e Fi l e Fi l e Fi l eTelechips Fi l e Fi l e Main Shell File BrowserAudio Player MIC 001.mp3 00:00:0000:00:00Video PlayerPhoto Viewer Audio Recorder8 9. BluetoothBluetoothTCC7901 Module CSR / BCHS CSRHCI-UART BC4ROM ProtocolNote : Supported Profiles depends on BCHS spec of the CSR Profile Description Stack Status Remark SPP Serial Port ProfileBCHSEnd of DECDUNPDial Up Network ProfileBCHSEnd of JANHFP Hands Free Profile BCHSEnd of JANFTP File Transfer ProfileBCHSEnd of JAN OPPObject Push ProfileBCHSEnd of JAN SYNC Synchronization ProfileBCHSEnd of DEC A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution ProfileBCHSEnd of DECAVRCP Audio Video Remote Control Profile BCHSEnd of DECHID Human Interface Device Profile BCHSEnd of JAN PBAP Phone Book Access ProfileBCHSEnd of JAN9 10. Thank