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  • Betterprint Announces Notepads at Discounted Prices

    Buying Guide

    To help you produce the perfect notepad for your business, we have developed our step-by-step design plan that will help to communicate your brand and effectively promote your services.

    1. Consider the Image of Your Business

    It is important to consider the kind of business image you want to project before you begin the design process.

    This involves thinking about:

    Target Market: Who will be using your notepad? And how will you make it appeal to them?

    Brand: Ensure your notepad incorporates the message and look of your brand. Logo: You can include your own logo in our 'custom upload' section. This is an

    effective way of promoting a memorable image for your business. Colour: Which colours will work for your business and brand? Contact details: Remember to include your business contact details printed clearly

    so your customers can get in touch. Tagline: You may want to include a tagline, or short description of your


    2. Choose a Suitable Design

    Our collection of design templates contains hundreds of designs for every profession and styles. Whatever industry you're in, we have something for your business. Use the design elements from step 1 to help you decide which template to choose.

    Our templates include:

    Deluxe: Premium designs developed for specific business sectors. You can customize each template to make it your own

  • Standard : An excellent value range that includes a wide variety of innovative designs. Each template is available to personalise to your business.

    Custom uploads: Upload your very own artwork, logo and text to stand out from the crowd.

    All of our notepads come are 210mm x 148mm and are printed on smooth, quality white 120gsm paper.

    3. Customisation

    Once you have decided on a design, you can begin to add your own custom detailing. This should include:

    Contact Details: Ensure contact information is visible, but remains discreet. Betterprint recommend displaying your telephone number, fax, address and website.

    Text & Tagline: keep your tagline and promotional writing concise, clear and useful.

    Colour: Your colour should highlight your brand, not cause distraction. Always check if the font, logo and writing appear clear.

    Logo: If you have chosen the custom upload option, try to ensure your logo has been cropped and enhanced so it looks professional.

    Don't forget, you may also want to add your business's Twitter or LinkedIn account.

    Contact Details: Poplar House, Jackson Street

    St Helens

    Merseyside UK

    WA9 3AP

    Tel: 0844 704 1756