Ogilvy on Direct Mail at Print Power DRUPA 2012

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A presentation made by Koen Van Impe (Ogilvy Brussels) on the Direct Mail Day at the Print Power booth at DRUPA.

Text of Ogilvy on Direct Mail at Print Power DRUPA 2012

  • 1. DRUPA 2012

2. The advertising model is evolving fromintrusive to participative 3. The consumer is in controlGrowing power of digital influencersConsumers are more digital native than advertisers and agenciesPeople are multi-tasking continuouslyThere is no single model of consumer behavior 4. How to be creative ? 5. Redefining the medium.Direct Marketing is no longer about push only. 6. How ?creative list Who ? offerWhat ?What we used to do whilst creating a Direct Mail 7. The new Direct Marketing paradigm Listen to your customers Invite them into a dialogue Engage them with your product offer 8. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS 9. INVITE THEM INTO ACONVERSATION 10. ENGAGE THEMWITH YOUR PRODUCTS 11. HOW CAN WE CATCH A LEAD IN MID AIR ? 12. Create relevance Surprise them ! 13. Thank you for your attention